Yash Kumar '24

Yash Kumar ’24 (yak23) is concentrating in Human Nutrition with plans to do research, attend medical school, and travel after graduation!  At Cornell, he is a TA for NS 1150, an E-Board Member for the Cornell Undergraduate Research Journal and the Red Cross Council, monitors for the Cornell Fitness Center, and is a CALS Student Body Ambassador. Yash is involved in research at the Lei Lab, Levitsky Lab, and the Cazer Lab. His favorite course so far at Cornell is PAM 2350!  Last summer, he worked as a medical scribe and medical assistant, shadowed physicians, and volunteered at a hospital!  For fun, Yash likes to play basketball, weightlift, read, hike, and watch movies.

Yash’s words of advice to incoming students:

“Don’t worry!  It all seems overwhelming at first, but you will find your niche; your academic and social life will all fall into place!  Remember to start your work early.  Don’t procrastinate!”

College: CALS

Tutoring: BIOEE 1780, CHEM 2070/2080

Email: yak23 [at] cornell.edu