Our Vision

The Office of Undergraduate Biology is a team of professional staff and faculty who aim to develop a diverse and inclusive global community of biological sciences students and alumni who become agents of change dedicated to finding compassionate, innovative solutions to the most pressing problems of the world.

Our Values

  • Community: We create a supportive space where all are welcome to bring their authentic selves to create meaningful connections.
  • Collaboration: We model and encourage inclusive teamwork, where students and colleagues work together to find creative solutions.
  • Inclusivity: We engage in and value the creation of a supportive, welcoming culture that embraces differences and empowers diverse populations to thrive.
  • Respect: We honor the inherent value of all people. We build positive relationships by accepting and appreciating different perspectives, maintaining a student-centered approach and mindset, and treating others with sensitivity and fairness.
  • Caring: We respond to and are accessible to others in ways that inform, support, empower, and challenge. We build relationships through empathetic listening and compassion for students and colleagues.

Our Mission

The Office of Undergraduate Biology ensures the long-term vitality of the biological sciences major by:

  • empowering students through formal and experiential learning to find their purpose and share their gifts, knowledge, and skills to “do the greatest good;”
  • building, promoting, and sustaining an equitable, diverse, and inclusive environment for all;
  • creating a culture of exploration and collaborative learning supported by innovative and effective teaching, advising, and programming; and
  • adapting the curriculum to a continuously changing educational landscape.

Our Goals

The Office of Undergraduate Biology strives to empower students to:

  • take ownership of and responsibility for developing, evaluating, and pursuing realistic academic plans that excite their curiosity and support personal and career goals;
  • engage with the OUB and other campus resources that help guide informed decisions and promote well-being;
  • discover personalized learning strategies that help them define and achieve success; and
  • cultivate collaborative and inclusive communities that provide mutual support and a sense of belonging during the transition to and throughout college.