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Louise Erskine looks off into the distance holding a camera

Field Note

Building Food and Community Solidarity Across North America: A Photo Series
  • Department of Global Development
  • Agriculture
  • Global Development

Field Note

Celebrating the memory of sustainability student, artist and activist KAR Robison

“My primary connection with KAR was to help create a meaningful academic plan that would fulfill both major requirements as well as incorporate KAR’s many, many other interests. However, our conversations often diverged from academic planning...

Field Note

Remembering KAR Robison, student, activist and artist

I was very saddened by the news of KAR’s passing. They had enrolled in two courses with me in the spring of 2020: Underground Railroad Seminar (an Africana course) and the Rural Humanities Seminar (offered through the Rural Humanities Initiative...

A laptop on a wooden table with a notepad and pen and a cup of coffee

Field Note

The 2020 CALS Global Fellows Program: Working around the world from home
For the past five years, the CALS Global Fellows Program (GFP) has worked with international partners to create meaningful, professionally-focused internships and research opportunities for undergraduate students in any major in CALS and Dyson...
  • CALS Global Fellows Program
  • Department of Communication
an artist's interpretation of a powerful, antibiotic resistant gene


John Helmann: Learning the genetic steps in the dance of life
At its most fundamental level, life is a dance between a shifting array of microscopic partners. To unlock the cellular choreography, John D. Helmann, professor of microbiology, has devoted his career to studying a single-celled bacterium known...
  • Microbiology
  • Disease
  • Bacteria
food processing

Want to study food?

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Microbiology Chair Esther Angert joins CALS senior leadership team

“CALS is in a unique position to help the world navigate global challenges, leveraging our commitment to purpose-driven science and impact for the 21st century, the solutions century,” Houlton said. “We are delighted to have Esther Angert join...

  • Biological and Environmental Engineering
  • Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
  • Fish
Looking down on someone as they eat ice cream


‘Apple Commons’ licks ice cream contest competition
Your mind wanders, enjoying a dreamy vanilla base that features apple, cinnamon, maple and tiny chunks of graham cracker. It’s just like fresh, warm apple pie à la mode – only everything is frozen. You’re going to need a bigger waffle cone. In...
  • Food Science
  • Food
  • Dairy