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Food News

Chang Chen wearing a red polo shirt stands with arms folded in a food science lab.


Meet our faculty: Chang Chen
Academic focus: Postharvest technologies for food and agricultural products. Research summary: My research program focuses on fundamental and applied aspects of postharvest technologies to improve food quality, safety and sustainability of...
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Milk splashing in a spoon.


A new filtration process that aims to extend milk’s shelf life may result in a pasteurization-resistant microbacterium passing into milk if equipment isn’t properly cleaned early, Cornell scientists say.

  • Food Safety Laboratory and Milk Quality Improvement Program
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Chef Chantay Skrine chopping vegetables in a commercial kitchen



Chef Chantay Skrine is dicing onions for her collard greens. Skrine, owner of Sweetay’s LLC in Binghamton, N.Y., is at work in a shared commercial kitchen on the campus of Cornell Cooperative Extension Broome County. The past two years have been...
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Digital render of a strand of DNA.


The genetic material that species shed into their environments can reveal the presence of the species and a broad range of information about the genetics of entire populations.

  • Cornell Atkinson
  • Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
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Historical marker for the Carriage House at the Michigan State University W.K. Kellogg Biological Station.


Lars Rudstam and Taylor Brown recently participated in the 2023 Great Lakes Cisco and Lake Whitefish Early Life History Workshop, jointly organized by the U.S. Geological Survey and the Great Lakes Fishery Commission . The workshop was held from...
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food processing

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red raspberries


What's bugging you? Pests of home berry plants
Each month at our "What's Bugging You? First Friday" events, experts will share practical information and answer questions on using integrated pest management (IPM) to avoid pest problems and promote a healthy environment where you live, work...
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Student pets goat at Art of Agriculture


Join Sigma Alpha, professional agricultural sorority, on the Arts Quad to learn more about agriculture! Experience student groups, research labs, and agricultural outreach organizations representing a wide array of opportunities and careers in...
  • Animal Science
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A tractor digging a trench for tile drainage (photo credit to Cayuga Co Soil and Water Conservation District)


Tile drainage - why do farmers utilize this practice and what benefits does it provide? Researchers will share information related to tile drainage on farms in the Northeast as well as help give context to the larger topic of water, soil and...
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