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Biology News

Three cows in a barn


Cow has potential as therapeutic research model

Research involving animal models – for purposes such as developing new vaccines or regenerative medicines – generally employ mice, but new Cornell research has identified another species that could be valuable in this type of work.

  • Animal Science
  • Genetics
  • Microbiology
An oval bacteria with a tail on a purple background.


To conduct low-cost and scalable synthetic biological experiments, Cornell researchers have created a new version of a microbe to compete economically with E. coli – a bacteria used to synthesize proteins.

  • Biological and Environmental Engineering
  • Bacteria
A bottle of milk on a grey/white background. The bottle reads "organic milk."


Cornell food scientists show that a standard quality test used for raw, organic milk is insufficient for distinguishing between specific groups of bacteria -- suggesting that criteria needs updating.

  • Dairy
  • Food Science
  • Microbiology
Blackburnian Warbler


More than 80% of global land area needed to maintain human well-being and meet biodiversity targets is at risk of conflict with human development, according to a new study led by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

  • Animals
  • Lab of Ornithology
  • Nature
Yellow Submarine tomatos in a bowl sitting on top of basil


Phillip Griffiths, a Cornell plant breeder, has developed an unusual tomato – with yellow flesh and an oblong shape that prompted its fans to name it “Yellow Submarine.”

  • Cornell AgriTech
  • Cornell University Agricultural Experiment Station
  • School of Integrative Plant Science
tray of test tubes

Want to study biology?


Arjun Khakhar


Seminar from the Center for Research on Programmable Plant Systems ( CROPPS ) Featuring Arjun Khakhar , assistant professor of biology at Colorado State University Tuesday, October 10 from 2-3 p.m. eastern time Hybrid event in Emerson 135 at...
  • school of integrative plant science
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Celina Juliano


Seminar By Celina Juliano Associate Professor University of California, Davis Mechanisms of Development and Regeneration in Hydra Friday, May 19, 2023 | 3:30 PM G10 Biotech Building If you need accommodations to participate in this event please...
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  • Genetics