Xuan Lin '23

Xuan is concentrating in General Biology with plans to attend medical school.  He conducts research in the Lab of Hussni Omar Mohammed studying bacteria in milk and milk filters.  In the Ithaca area, he has served as a Loaves and Fishes volunteer.  In previous summers, he has worked as a Chemistry TA for the Pre-freshman Summer Program, and served as a hospital volunteer and a Summer Program Councilor.  In his free time, Xuan enjoys reading novels and playing card games.  His favorite course at Cornell has been CHEM 2070. 

Xuan’s words of encouragement for incoming students

“Try not to be caught up in the moment and talk with your advisors a lot so that you can plan ahead.  You’re not doing it all alone!”

College: Arts

Tutoring: CHEM 2070

Email: xl649 [at] cornell.edu