Tyseen Murad '24

Tyseen is concentrating in General Biology and hopes to go to medical school to become a pediatrician.  On campus, she is a CHEM 2070 TA, a member of Cornell Surgical Society, and an advisor for PATCH.  She is involved in research at the Casteel Lab in the School of Integrative Plant Sciences.  For fun, Tyseen loves going on runs/hikes, baking, listening to music and reading books.  In terms of favorite classes at Cornell, she has really enjoyed the BENGL (Bengali Language) sequence.  In previous summers, she has stayed in Ithaca to participate in the Boyce Thompson Institute REU program, where she worked at the Casteel Lab.

Her words of advice to new students

“Don’t fret!!  OUB and the rest of the Cornell community is here for you.  You will be fine and change is always scary but it’ll work out at the end.  Good luck and have fun on your journey through Cornell!”

College: Arts

Tutoring: CHEM 2070, BIOG 1500, BIOMG 2800

Email: tm453 [at] cornell.edu