Edward Chi '24

Edward is concentrating in Neurobiology and Behavior, with plans to attend medical school after graduation.  On campus, he is Sponsorship Chair of Big Red Thon, a student dining associate at Keeton Hall, and a student library associate at Olin Library.  In his free time, Edward enjoys football and spending time with friends.  His favorite course at Cornell so far has been PSYCH 1101.  In previous summers, Edward has served as head coach of his community swim team.  He hopes to shadow this summer, and get involved with research at Cornell. 

Edward’s words of encouragement for incoming students

“Feeling a bit anxious is completely normal; do not feel that you are the only one that might feel a little scared.  Embrace the unknown and never give up.”

College: Arts

Tutoring: CHEM 2070, BIOEE 1780, BIOG 1350, BIOG 1500, CHEM 3570, PHYS 1101

Email: ec626tyc32 [at] cornell.edu (@cornell.edu)