David Lu '24

David is concentrating in Computational Biology with plans to attend medical school.  On campus, he is an EARS staff member and a TA for BIOMG 2800: Lectures in Genetics and Genomics.  He is an undergraduate researcher in the Wei Lab, where he studies complex traits and introgression of Neanderthal DNA into modern humans through simulacrums and a computational lens.  For fun, David enjoys morning runs around campus and visiting the Arboretum.  In previous summers, David volunteered at the Penn Presbyterian Medical Center cardiac inpatient unit and conducted research at the Murphy Lab at the Wistar Institute, studying the role of the p53 tumor suppressor protein.  He also served as a crisis counselor on a crisis textline.  His favorite course at Cornell has been BIOMG 2800.

David’s advice for new students

"Don't be afraid to try completely new things and consider taking classes completely outside of your major."

College: Arts

Tutoring: BIOMG 2800, STSCI 2150

Email: dyl43 [at] cornell.edu