Biological Sciences Student Advisor Responsibilities

Qualities of a Student Advisor:

  • Demonstrate empathy
  • Show responsibility
  • Have good communication
  • Excellent time management
  • Grades that reflect growth
  • Ability to maintain interpersonal communication skills

Responsibilities of Student Advisors

  • Maintain a positive example for new students, faculty and staff.
  • Connect assigned group of students with appropriate campus resources when necessary. 
  • Communicate consistently with assigned students during the summer prior to their matriculation. 
  • Attend monthly training sessions.
  • Attend New Student Advisor Orientation in the spring semester and August Orientation training.
  • Attend Orientation Large Group Advising meeting in August.
  • Hold one office hour session per week in the OUB - located in Stimson Hall.
  • Arrange an outing for assigned group of advisees and faculty partner within the first few weeks of the fall semester.
  • Meet with each student individually in the fall and spring semester at the mid-point to talk about progress and plan courses for the following semester. 
  • Consistently communicate with faculty partner and copy him/her on all email communication to assigned student group. 
  • Assist with OUB presentations and workshops throughout the academic year. 

Tutoring Services

We encourage our Biological Sciences majors to take advantage of the services provided by the Learning Strategies Center. In addition, many Student Advisors are available to tutor Biological Sciences majors in foundation courses during his/her office hour shift in the OUB. If you are interested in meeting with a Student Advisor for tutoring, please follow the steps below:

  1. Search the Student Advisor Profile Page to identify a Student Advisor who tutors the course you are interested in.
  2. Email the Student Advisor to request tutoring during office hour shift.
  3. Provide the Student Advisor with the instructor’s name, course textbook, and areas that you would like reviewed.
  4. Provide the Student Advisor with at least 48 hours advanced notice.
  5. Express your appreciation by showing up for the tutoring session on time.

Student Feedback about Student Advisors

"My student advisor was a major help when it came to deciding what courses to take. Some of the most important advice of my college career came from my student advisor: simply, don't rush the experience. I took classes I wanted to take in addition to the classes I had to take. This was, in many ways, more than advice about Cornell; it was really a life lesson."

"My student advisor was always there when I needed her."

"He really helped ease my transition from high school."

"I can't say it enough that having the perspective of someone who has experienced what you are about to undergo is invaluable. I am an advisor myself, and I feel great joy returning the aid and insight that my advisor gave me to my own advisees."


Questions about the Student Advisor Program can be directed to bioadvising [at] (bioadvising[at]cornell[dot]edu).