Push. Pull. Grow.

The New York State Center of Excellence for Food and Agriculture at Cornell AgriTech serves as a hub connecting businesses and entrepreneurs with the services they need to succeed. The Center of Excellence works with partners across the state to increase the size and scope of the food and agriculture economy in New York by fostering the growth of new companies, new products, and existing businesses. Our Center focuses on:

  • Pushing entrepreneurs and startups to launch their businesses in New York and commercialize products and services.
  • Pulling companies into the state by connecting them with innovation resources and economic development partners.
  • Growing existing food, beverage and agriculture-related companies from across New York State through business mentoring, technical assistance, research, business-to-business partnerships, supply chains and the myriad resources they need to succeed and thrive.

Resources and Services

We offer access to:

  • Cornell food, beverage and agriculture research.
  • Business mentorship.
  • Incubators and accelerators.
  • Training and education.
  • Product development, testing and validation.
  • Business-to-business partnerships and supply chain asset resources.
  • Connections to processors, manufacturers, production facilities, co-packers, warehouses, distribution, retail and marketing services.
  • State, federal and local economic development resources.
  • Co-working, lab and manufacturing spaces.
  • Aerial drones, robots and other digital agriculture tools. 

Jumpstarting the farm and food economy

What People are Saying

“Cornell helped shape every decision that we made. Literally every single aspect of this has been touched and improved by the amazing, brilliant minds at Cornell.”— Tracy Luckow, Whipnotic

"We saw the tremendous potential at the Cornell Agriculture and Food Technology Park to collaborate with other producers. It seemed like it was really electric." — John Zuccarello, Siena Development Group

“I wish we had been working with the Center of Excellence when we first started. . . It’s been so valuable having their resources, expertise and the connections that come with [the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences] – one of the most successful and well-regarded agriculture schools in the world. They helped us connect with the right people and resources on our path toward market traction with some of the largest food retailers in the U.S., and have fast-tracked our progress tremendously.”—George Zheng, Leep Foods

“The Center of Excellence has introduced us to so many opportunities and events in the region. I think the reason we’re in Wegmans right now is because the Center of Excellence brought us to last year’s Future of Food Summit, where we were able to connect with the right people.”—Jason Goodman, Antithesis

“Cornell has been fantastic. The professors don't just know their stuff, they know farmers, they have real-world connections. It's been a hugely rewarding symbiotic relationship.”— Chris Wightman, VM Agritech

Four cans of Whipnotic whipped cream in a row.
A bottle of alcohol-free rum, with "Seir Hill" written on front.
A collection of mushrooms
Chocolate covered chickpeas crushed up on a white table
Hop leaf infected with powdery mildew being inspected in a lab.

Success Stories

How the CoE helps

The Center of Excellence for Food and Agriculture maintains partnerships with a wealth of programs and resources primed to help food and agriculture companies grow and thrive.

Contact our team to get connected to valuable resources like these:

  • Incubators and accelerators
  • Training and education partners
  • Testing and validation services
  • Trade association support
  • Business-to-business (B2B) relationships
  • Supply chain assets [feedstock and packaging suppliers, processors and manufacturers, production facilities, co-packers, warehousing, distribution, retail and marketplace]
  • State, federal and local economic development incentive programs
  • Capital resources
  • Marketing resources