We support food and agriculture industries

We develop new fruit and vegetable varieties that grow better in New York, are more nutritious, are more sustainable and are great tasting. Our breeders are committed to releasing new varieties of apples, apple rootstocks, grapes, berries, cabbage, beans, broccoli and tomatoes that help ensure the continued prosperity of New York farms and food businesses.

When it comes to the specialty crops of New York state, our research, outreach and education helps farmers produce safer, healthier, more efficient crops. Our researchers are experts on how these specialty crops are grown, the pests and diseases that affect them and the mechanisms to achieve the best crop health in environmentally and financially feasible ways.

Value-added products can spur local economic development and help food businesses and farms increase profits. Cornell AgriTech provides invaluable facilities, services and expertise to food and beverage producers.

Diverse agriculture is more resilient biologically and economically. Cornell AgriTech researchers are helping New York farmers realize the full potential of their farms by developing crops that have not historically been grown in New York. Examples include bioenergy crops such as shrub willow and fiber and seed crops such as industrial hemp.