Pest Management

We promote the health of New York crops through research on the ecology, biology and management of insects that affect the health of tree fruits, berries, grapes and vegetables. Improving our understanding of pest biology and ecology in crop systems is central to our development of practical, cost-effective and environmentally sensitive pest management tactics. In addition, research in these areas helps us to predict crop pest outbreaks, develop insecticide resistance management strategies and mitigate the spread of insect-transmitted crop diseases.


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Our pest management experts

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Tree fruit entomology

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Vegetable entomology

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Integrated Pest Management, horticultural crops

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Entomology, vegetable crops

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Entomology, grapes and small fruit

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Turfgrass entomology

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Integrated Pest Management

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Integrated Pest Management

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Fruit Integrated Pest Management

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Hudson Valley Research Laboratory Entomology