Research, innovation and development are essential to the continued success of the food and agriculture industries of New York state and beyond.

We are committed to furthering our over 130 years of scientific discovery and continuing to drive economic development and deliver practical solutions for farmers and businesses. We are growing a healthier population, economy and environment for New York state and the world, and we welcome you to grow with us.

Our mission is to create future food and agriculture systems by working across disciplines to explore questions from all sides and translate our discoveries into practical solutions that help growers and businesses thrive.

Our purpose is to improve the health of the people, environment and economy of New York state and beyond through innovative food and agricultural science.

Cornell AgriTech Open House

“From research to your plate”

Aug. 13 10a.m.-3p.m.

Audiences of all ages are invited to attend a fun filled day of science at Cornell AgriTech's Open House. Tours of our facilities, greenhouses and research fields as well as educational science experiences will
be offered by faculty, staff and students.

A compilation of three photos: on the top, a bird's eye view of extensive fields; on the bottom left, two hands dispense a beverage into a glass from a tap; on the bottom right, two hands hold three red tomatoes.

Making a positive impact

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A collection of photos from 1882 to present day at Cornell AgriTech



Cornell AgriTech at 140: Growing a more resilient future
As agriculture and food industries move further into the 21st century, there are plenty of tough decisions and uncertainty ahead. But these industries, and Cornell AgriTech, have been here together before. In its 140 years, the station has...
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Doctoral students Aleah Butler-Jones '19, left, and Maria Gannett, M.S. '16 practice with other Cornell graduate students at a hotel parking lot the night before the weed competition.


Cornell’s undergraduate Weed Team won first place, while Megan Wittmeyer ’22 earned a top individual award, at the Northeastern Weed Science Society Collegiate Weed Science Contest.

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A new study showed that by following action thresholds to determine when to apply insecticides to control onion thrips, farmers made 2.3 fewer applications per season while maintaining yields and bulb size.


A surprise finding from new research on controlling pests and disease in New York commercial onion fields will enable the state’s producers to cut their use of synthetic chemicals without sacrificing yield.

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