Success on our campus is a collaborative effort that starts in our research laboratories and fields and culminates with the transfer of expertise to producers and processors through events, direct outreach, print and digital materials. Explore our collaborative approach to success below.

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Two men inspect a copper distiller

Our Cornell Craft Beverage Institute (CCBI) is a one-stop reference desk for fermented beverages. CCBI educates hundreds of craft beverage professionals through course, conferences and direct outreach. In addition, CCBI offers troubleshooting services in its lab for a wide range of hard cider, wine, beer and distilled spirits production issues.

A person in a yellow safety vest walks by a field carrying cardboard on their head

Our Produce Safety Alliance (PSA) provides the U.S. produce industry and associated groups with science-based knowledge and training on farm food safety, so they can meet requirements outlined in the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). In 2019, the PSA expanded offerings to help Latin American growers comply with these requirements as well.

a variety of mushrooms

Leep Foods is an example of the kind of companies assisted by the Cornell Food Venture Center and Center of Excellence for Food and Agriculture. Companies like Leep Foods come to our experts with an idea for a food product and we help them bring their ideas to fruition.