Jordan Hall upgrades

$3.9M renovation

In 2019, renovations were made to Jordan Hall to strengthen extension and distance learning offerings. Wood flooring in an existing second floor auditorium was refinished and new conferencing technology and light filtering shades were installed. 

The fire sprinkler system throughout the building was upgraded and ADA-compliant, gender neutral restrooms were built on the first floor to meet code requirements. A new air handing unit to serve the second floor and the new restrooms was also installed. In addition, a new outdoor air unit was implemented to provide required ventilation to the remainder of the building in the future. A new chiller was added to air condition the entire second floor.

Campus-wide banner installation

$20K project

Banners branded with Cornell AgriTech and CALS logos as well as imagery of research and extension activities were installed on the Geneva campus in 2019 to give outside audiences traveling by a sense of the important work that happens at Cornell AgriTech. A dual purpose was to give employees and students an opportunity every day to feel energized by our mission and more connected to the Ithaca campus. There are four large double-sided banners on Jordan Hall, two on Hedrick Hall and four on the Cornell Food Venture Center Pilot Plant. Eight light poles in and around the Barton Laboratory building parking lot and sidewalk facing Castle. St. received two double-sided banners displaying a variety of images. In total, the light poles portrayed 32 different images of faculty, staff and students working in fields, laboratories and greenhouses. 

Lab and office updates for new faculty

Gold Lab
$170K renovation

Katie Gold, assistant professor of plant pathology and plant-microbe biology began her position at Cornell AgriTech in February 2020 and lab updates were required to accommodate her research in the Geneva Barton Lab building. Renovations included changing wall configurations to make a new image room and the opening of a wall to an adjoining room. In addition, significant utility changes, floor abatement and replacement, painting and lighting upgrades were made. Existing casework was reused and refurbished where appropriate and new casework and lab tops were added. Gold’s office received new paint, lights and furniture as well.

Jiang Lab
$165K renovation

Yu Jiang, assistant research professor began his position at Cornell AgriTech in September 2019 in the Hedrick Hall building. Prior to his arrival, lab and office spaces were upgraded through asbestos tile removal, fume hood abatement and the insulation of countertops. New variable refrigerant flow air cooled split system air conditioning was installed, a window was relocated and a new glass access door to the roof was added in order to access outdoor AC unit. Additionally, a new heat recovery ventilation system was installed in attic, walls and ceilings were painted, new flooring was installed and all new casework benches as well as a computer station were installed.