From field to store shelf, Cornell AgriTech plays a vital role in New York’s food and agricultural economy. Our experts work with thousands of farms, food and beverage producers across New York state annually. Without the Geneva campus, many of these industries would not be where they are today. The below video provides an overview of our impact and the company spotlight stories highlight more specifically how we have helped their businesses grow in recent years.


Economic impact video

Company spotlights


Cornell AgriTech is committed to helping companies like Wegmans deliver superior products to consumers. From organic farming to food freshness and safety, our campus offers an abundant amount of expertise. Bill Strassburg, Vice President of Strategic Initiatives for Wegmans, identifies some of the know-how that Cornell AgriTech has provided to the company.

Pedersen Farms

Located in Seneca Castle, NY, Pedersen Farms is one of the largest vegetable farms in the Finger Lakes area with distribution in grocery stores, farm markets and large wholesale companies throughout the Northeast. Laura Pedersen, farm co-owner has been working with Cornell AgriTech since the early 1980’s and explains some of our most valuable contributions to their farm’s growth.

Fowler Farms

Located along the shores of Lake Ontario, Fowler Farms is the largest fresh apple producer in New York state and one of the largest super spindle system producers in the world. Thanks to Cornell AgriTech-developed apple varieties and other expertise, Fowler Farms has been able to ship into all 50 states. Austin Fowler, vice president of sales and marketing, explains how our experts have helped Fowler Farms grow.

New York Wine and Grape Foundation

New York is ranked third in the U.S. for wine and grape production after California and Washington and this success has been guided by Cornell AgriTech. Sam Filler, president of the New York Wine and Grape Foundation, attributes much of the industry’s growth to the viticulture and enology expertise and services offered by the Geneva campus.

A brick Wegmans storefront
A man and a woman show plants in a greenhouse
Crates full of apples outside in autumn sunshine
Green grapes on the vine