Wine Research and Extension

Our Cornell Craft Beverage Institute (CCBI) located at Cornell AgriTech works with the wine industry to create educational programs that support the growth and improved quality of premium wines. Facilities at CCBI include the Vinification & Brewing Technology lab, where fermentations are conducted in collaboration with research projects and applied trials; and the Cornell Craft Beverage Analytical Lab, where products may be submitted for troubleshooting, routine analysis or sensory appraisal.

CCBI also offers training for wine industry members and wine production staff with an emphasis on the following areas:

  • Wine production
  • Analytical techniques
  • Sensory science and evaluation methods
  • Sanitation
  • Tasting room strategies

CCBI's EnoCert curriculum combines a series of short courses into certificate tracks. EnoCert provides novices with wine production fundamentals but also allows industry veterans with targeted topics that may be of interest. CCBI collaborates with the Finger Lakes Grape Program and colleagues in the Dyson School of Applied Economics and the School of Hotel Administration to present the annual B.E.V. NY conference [Business. Enology. Viticulture.], and also participates in regional extension meetings and tastings across New York State.

Our wine experts

Anna Katharine Mansfield

Associate Professor

Food Science

Anna Katharine Mansfield