Beer Research and Extension

The Cornell Craft Beverage Institute (CCBI) located at Cornell AgriTech is focused on providing technical resources to a growing local brewing industry and improving the quality of our regional beers. Facilities at CCBI include a state-of-the-art automated pilot brewery for hands-on education and research brewing and fermentation trials; and the Cornell Craft Beverage Analytical Lab, where products may be submitted for troubleshooting, quality testing or sensory appraisal. In addition, the brewing extension program operates one of the only fee-for-service hop quality labs on the East Coast, bringing expertise and accessible analytical testing to regional hop growers, processors and brewers.

CCBI also offers training for brewing industry professionals and members of the supply chain, focusing on the following areas:

  • Fermentation microbiology
  • Raw materials quality
  • Sensory evaluation
  • Beer production
  • Safety and best practices

CCBI collaborates with other academic institutions, industry, and regional and national trade organizations to bring the latest technical information to producers, and actively partners with outreach and extension programs to deliver educational resources across New York State.


Our Beer Experts

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Chris Gerling

Extension Associate, Sr.

Cornell AgriTech

Food Science

Chris Gerling