Product Safety and Testing

The Center of Excellence partners with the Cornell Food Venture Center and the Cornell Craft Beverage Institute to promote sustainable economic development by providing comprehensive assistance to new and established food entrepreneurs.

The Cornell Food Venture Center (CFVC)

The Cornell Food Venture Center (CFVC) ensures the safety and stability of food products entering the marketplace through:

  • Lab analysis for pH, water activity, and Brix measurement of food and beverage products
  • Process authority approval and scheduled process: Product review, documentation and process validation
  • Resources for nutrition analysis, co-packers, packaging suppliers, shelf-life studies and more
  • Small scale food entrepreneurship: A technical guide for food ventures
  • Better Process Control School: necessary certification for acidified and low-acid food manufacturers
  • Presentations and workshops

Pilot Plant

The Cornell Food Venture Center Pilot Plant is a unique processing facility designed for food businesses of all sizes to facilitate product development and scale up new or optimized food products. The pilot plant provides the facilities and experience so clients can:

  • Develop product formulations and scale accordingly
  • Create robust production methods
  • Ensure long-term food safety

HPP Validation Center

The HPP Validation Center helps producers meet consumer demand for foods that maintain freshness, offer a clean label and delivery superior sensory and nutritional quality by offering a non-thermal alternative to thermal pasteurization. The HPP process ensures product safety and extends shelf life.

Institute for Food Safety

With expertise in fresh produce, dairy, juice and food processing, the Institute for Food Safety at Cornell University helps food businesses meet the federal regulatory requirements and address safety challenges from farm to fork by offering research and extension collaborations for farmers, processors, retailers and consumers to produce and keep food safe.

Craft Beverage Institute

The Cornell Craft Beverage Institute supports industry development for wineries, breweries, distilleries and hard cideries by providing resources, education and laboratory services. CCBI specializes in analyzing industry samples, processing samples for research, and educating and training craft beverage professionals.