The heart of grape production in the Eastern United States

The Lake Erie American Viticulture Area is the largest grape production region east of the Rocky Mountains. Characterized as a cool-climate grape region moderated by the waters of the Great Lakes, the region is well suited for fruit production including Concord, Niagara, French-American Hybrids and cold-hardy Vitis vinifera. In New York and Pennsylvania, 80% of the grapes produced are processed for the juice and jelly market and sold internationally, bolstering the local economy.

The remaining 20% of New York and Pennsylvania's grape production is fermented for the ever-growing wine industry — 40% of which are Concord. It's no wonder this region is nicknamed the “Concord belt." An All-American super food, antioxidant rich Concord grapes can be poured as juice, spread on a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, eaten as a table grape, sipped as an everyday table wine and used to make pies and other desserts. Not many other grapes can do that!


acres of vineyards in the Lake Erie region of NY and PA


grape growing farms


largest grape growing region outside of California