Mission Statement

To serve the research and extension needs of the horticultural industries of Long Island.

Additional Goals

To increase crop yields, improve crop quality, decrease production and marketing costs, increase production and marketing efficiency, and preserve and enhance the quality of the environment.


LIHREC's founding was inspired by a local farmer in 1888. Support for a research center to address the challenges and opportunities for Long Island's unique growing conditions grew rapidly. In 1922 the 30 acres were purchased that are still home to LIHREC today. It was called the Long Island Vegetable Research Farm. In 1975, the Ornamentals Laboratory located in Farmingdale, consolidated with the Vegetable Research Farm and the name was changed to the Long Island Horticultural Research Lab. Our present name, Long Island Horticultural Research and Extension Center, better reflects our mission and was adopted in 1999. Read more about LIHREC's history.

Today, LIHREC's facilities and support staff are managed by the Cornell University Agricultural Experiment Station, and leadership of academic initiatives is provided by the School of Integrative Plant Science (SIPS) at Cornell University.

Affiliated Organizations​​

Advisory Board

LIHREC's Advisory Board serves as an outside advisory group to the Director of the Center. The Board consists of representatives from each of the major commodity groups and constituencies with whom the center interacts and whom it serves. Members of the Board provide counsel and advice concerning research and extension programs at LIHREC, as well as broad matters of policy and planning. The Board facilitates communication between the Director (& staff members) and the stakeholders, and brings issues and concerns from the horticultural industry to the attention of the Director.