Success through difference

Cornell AgriTech has more than 130 years’ experience in delivering science-driven, applied technology to help farmers and food producers in New York and beyond. As our understanding of sustainable agriculture grows, however, we have realized that holistic solutions cannot rest on science alone. To create thriving food systems for everyone, our research and outreach initiatives must be communicated in ways that are relevant and responsive to the cultural needs of all researchers, farmers, and consumers.

To fulfill our purpose of improving the health of the people, environment, and economy of New York State, Cornell AgriTech strives to incorporate more diverse points of view. We recognize that many people and perspectives have been excluded from agriculture and academia, and that we can only be leaders in innovation and development by including and incorporating the ideas, innovations and voices of people from all genders, backgrounds, races, ethnicities, and religious beliefs.

We commit to growing diversity, inclusivity, and equitable treatment of all, both within our community and in the communities we serve.

Cornell Agritech DEI Council

Our DEI values

We support each other personally and professionally so that we can all to do our best work. A supportive community is one in which everyone feels welcomed, valued, respected, and able to be their full selves. We are committed to creating that community within Cornell Agritech, and to being a productive and supportive part of the larger Geneva and Finger Lakes community.

We work across disciplines to conduct research and extend research-based information to our stakeholders. We strive to value all types of experiences, to respect each other, and to communicate clearly and effectively across our differences, creating synergies that are greater than our individual selves or units.

Innovation is highly valued by Cornell AgriTech scientists and the stakeholders we serve. We recognize that when we all look and think alike we are missing important voices that help us approach problems from new perspectives. Innovation requires us to welcome individuals to the table who have historically been overlooked, excluded, or ignored. We recognize that solutions to sustainable and resilient agricultural systems are rooted in knowledge passed down through generations of indigenous farmers, and that we can continue to learn, grow, and innovate in collaboration with those who hold knowledge traditional practices.

Integrity is the foundation of trust. As scientists, we rely on the integrity of our methods and our data to create solid foundations for future discoveries. As individuals, we show integrity by bringing our authentic selves to work and encouraging our colleagues to do the same.  Supporting equity and inclusion for individuals from diverse backgrounds representing unique perspectives is essential to the integrity of our research and outreach.

Diversity drives collaboration, innovation, and resilience, so diverse communities thrive. We commit to creating equitable and inclusive research and outreach programs so that individuals from all backgrounds can fully contribute to the Cornell AgriTech community as faculty, staff, students, and stakeholders. By welcoming diversity, we allow individuals and AgriTech to reach full potential

Fostering DEI knowledge

Woman examines strawberries in a field.

Time in the field is essential to inspire graduate students and build research programs but can't be successful unless DEI is carefully integrated.

A professor and postdoctoral associate hold a drone in an apple orchard.

Graduate students and postdoctoral scientists are an important part of the food and agricultural talent pipeline. A variety of mentorship resources exist that can help foster successful experiences.

Five rows of books on a high library shelf.

The CALS Office for Diversity and Inclusion has compiled a list of resources for our community to inspire and facilitate honest, thoughtful dialogue around diversity and inclusion and to address the painful challenges we are facing as a nation.