A holistic look at the farmstead

The Dairy Environmental Systems (DES) program looks at the farmstead holistically as it relates to the design of the facilities housing the animals, the cropping practices that provide feed for the animals and the nutrient management practices including the design of waste management systems. The program seeks to promote and foster best management practices in animal well-being as it relates to housing, cropping practices and overall environmental systems management on the dairy promoting stewardship of the environment and compliance with current regulations.

Dairy Facilities Program

The Dairy Environmental Systems (DES) facilities program is responsible for identifying, developing, documenting, and introducing innovative methods in dairy housing systems that will enhance animal performance, well-being, efficiency, environmental compliance, and overall farm profitability. This is performed by conducting applied research programs with objectives to further the understanding and development of dairy housing systems and by monitoring relative research and extension work performed by nation-wide counterparts. Findings are disseminated by conducting on-farm training and demonstrations of new technologies and by developing written, oral, and web-based materials.