Committed to excellence in educational programming

PRO-DAIRY is proud of its vital role in leading education and applied research in support of New York's dairy industry. We're committed to excellence in educational programming and offer industry conferences and events, regional programs and online programming and materials. These events and programs provide information, research results and training from industry leaders to dairy producers, agriservice professionals, veterinarians and extension employees across New York state.



Operations Managers Conference

This event provides an opportunity for people responsible for day-to-day activities to increase their management and operations skills while interacting with other managers. 



Herd Health & Nutrition Conference

This annual conference provides an opportunity for dairy producers, veterinarians, feed industry representatives and agriservice personnel to increase their knowledge of current herd health and nutrition management techniques while interacting with other professionals.


Northeast Dairy Management Conference

This biennial conference offers high-quality programing targeted to progressive dairy farmers in the Northeast, with a mission to provide the latest information on current trends and topics in the dairy industry through dynamic and informative sessions designed to re-energize businesses and improve performance. 

Students looking at cows in barn.
calfs in the calf barn near a food trough
calfs sit in hay in a barn


Educational materials presented live online and also posted as a recording.

Dairy management related courses presented online by faculty and staff from Cornell University and PRO-DAIRY.

Programs presented around New York state that are a collaborative effort of PRO-DAIRY staff, faculty and Cornell Cooperative Extension regional specialists.



Recent conference proceedings, virtual event recordings and other resources are available for purchase online.

A monthly newsletter to an email list of over 7,000 producers, agriservice and legislators. This list is also used for program, webinar and forage management updates.

Through a useful combination of research updates, on-farm practices, economic analysis, how-to’s and action steps on every aspect of managing a dairy business, PRO-DAIRY uses The Manager to strengthen New York’s dairy industry and as a key method for PRO-DAIRY staff to share their expertise statewide.