Our Partners

Cornell’s PRO-DAIRY program is an incredibly valuable resource for our dairy farmers who are looking to expand their business. Today, our industry continues to face challenges, but also has many opportunities for growth. PRO-DAIRY provides the technical expertise and education to help New York’s farmers navigate all aspects of their operations, from critical business decisions and planning to herd health and animal care. We look forward to our continued partnership with PRO-DAIRY and supporting its work to increase the competitiveness of our farmers and position them for long-term success.
Richard Ball, State Agriculture Commissioner, New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets
    As New York’s largest agricultural sector, the dairy industry is an integral segment of our state’s economy, a major source of job creation in rural communities, and a critical partner in environmental stewardship. I’m proud to support the innovative efforts of Cornell’s PRO-DAIRY program, which has a long history of elevating the needs of our hard-working dairy farmers and delivering the resources to help these majority small and family-owned businesses remain competitive.
    Michelle Hinchey, Chair, Senate Agriculture Committee
    Given the challenges and opportunities facing the dairy industry, Cornell’s PRO-DAIRY program provides access to the resources farmers need to be successful. From help dealing with the effects of climate change, to improving herd health, PRO-DAIRY is developing strategies to boost this important sector of our food economy. I’m happy to support a program that prioritizes the needs of New York’s farmers who have made our state’s dairy industry a national leader.
    Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo, Chair, Assembly Agriculture Committee
    PRO-DAIRY has played a central role in bolstering New York’s dairy industry utilizing CALS’ cutting edge research and resources for more than thirty years. As the Land-Grant university for New York state, we are gratified to collaboratively advance our dairy industry’s technical knowledge, management skills and economic vitality.
    Benjamin Z. Houlton, Ronald P. Lynch Dean, Cornell College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
    PRO-DAIRY is very important to my family’s farm and dairies across New York State. Its programs use applied research to help us make better business decisions for the future as well improve environmental management and animal care. The work is integral to the growth of dairy farming in our state, and New York Farm Bureau values the strong partnership our organizations have built together to support agriculture.
    David Fisher, President, New York Farm Bureau
    PRO-DAIRY is important to our members and the viability of the state's dairy industry. The research and outreach education conducted by PRO-DAIRY staff in the area of environmental stewardship is critical for our member farms and serves as a model for many other states. We appreciate their quick response to emerging issues and timely research, reports, and outreach which supports the industry in identifying solutions for those issues. PRO-DAIRY's leadership in helping farms network with each other through peer groups, discussion groups and the PRO-DAIRY Dairy Profit Monitor program promotes continuous improvement for participating farms. PRO-DAIRY, its staff and its programs continue to support the dairy industry's success and progress.
    John Dickinson, Chair, Northeast Dairy Producers Association
    PRO-DAIRY continues to be a critical force for New York’s dairy industry. For over thirty years, PRO-DAIRY has developed and delivered programs and services to address critical management elements of a successful dairy farm business. Whether it’s managing nutrients, maximizing forage quality, addressing herd health issues, or achieving sustainable profitability, PRO-DAIRY is there for New York dairy farms. The Northeast Agribusiness and Feed Alliance proudly supports this essential program.
    Danielle Penney Stroop, President, Northeast Agribusiness and Feed Alliance