Farm Business Management Programs

PRO-DAIRY Farm Business Management Programs are designed to positively influence dairy business management skills through financial analysis programs, management education programs, group discussions, business management presentations and network building. These efforts help enhance dairy business’ financial success.

Dairy Farm Business Summary & Analysis Program

Dairy Profit Monitor

Business Management Training

Cornell Dairy Executive Program

Cornell Dairy Executive Program is a multi-session executive level management training program to improve business management skills over two one-week programs in a year. CDEP offers dairy producers and managers in related agribusiness opportunities to develop and strengthen skills in business management and leadership.

Academy for Dairy Executives

Academy for Dairy Executives was started in 2010 and targets the next generation of farm management and ownership. Curriculum includes “Managing with Finance” and “Managing with Success” topics and learning by networking with other participants in similar roles. Typically participants are the junior generation who return home to more effectively communicate and coordinate with senior farm owners.

Cornell Dairy Executive Program Management Symposium

Offers a continuing education to Cornell Dairy Executive Program alumni and other progressive dairy producers on key business management topics facing the industry. Topics range and have included milk pricing, joint ventures and collaboration, activity management, and servant leadership. Attendance is typically up to 100 people, representing up to 100,000 cows.

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