The PRO-DAIRY Annual Report reviews the many highly successful — and results-driven — PRO-DAIRY programs.

Cornell CALS PRO-DAIRY is proud of its vital role in leading education and applied research in support of New York’s dairy industry. The past several years have been very challenging for much of the industry, but we remain optimistic that our dairy industry will continue to be resilient and remain critical to New York’s economy and contribute to the strength of our country’s food system. I am confident in the people who comprise New York’s dairy industry and believe that their unique strengths and the strong partnerships within the industry are key to our future, and to the future of the families who make their livelihood by farming. The New York dairy industry has:

  • forward-looking farmers who have a proven-record of innovating and thriving amidst constant change
  • an active and strong agribusiness sector
  • a skilled team of Cornell Cooperative Extension specialists that surpasses any others in the country
  • a talented PRO-DAIRY statewide specialist program that works in collaboration with other faculty programs at Cornell, the only Ivy League and Land-Grant University with a strong mission to educate and support agricultural communities via programs that create new knowledge and new practices

The educational programming offered through PRO-DAIRY and the independent and collaborative applied research conducted by our specialists is top-notch. This report highlights the many ways that PRO-DAIRY serves as a valued resource for our dairy farm businesses. PRO-DAIRY hones the management skills of our dairy farm owners and managers, enhances the technical skills of dairy farm employees, and provides technical expertise to our state’s dairy farms in many important areas including farm business management, environmental stewardship, forage and crop production, cow health and management, dairy facilities and dairy systems engineering, and through youth development programs that enhance knowledge of careers in dairy and attract the next generation. Additionally, our strong and productive partnerships with agribusiness and extension professionals helps all of us to grow and improve in support of the industry every day.

With many thanks for your continued support and partnership.

Dr. Thomas R. Overton

Director, PRO-DAIRY