Effective use of production management tools is important to revenue and production growth of dairy farms in New York and impacts the profitability and quality of life for farm owners. PRO-DAIRY staff partner with Cornell Cooperative Extension Regional Dairy Specialists to create effective and accessible educational programs that reflect the diversity of geography and production management systems that characterize New York's dairy industry. The combination of cutting-edge research practices and tested best management practices enable farmers and their employees to make sound decisions for their farms and rural communities.

PRO-DAIRY staff partner with Cornell Cooperative Extension Regional Dairy Specialists to develop and implement programs across the state, efficiently share staff expertise.

Transition Cow Tuesdays Webinar Series

Tuesdays, November 2 - December 14, 2021
12:30 - 1:00 PM

This webinar series will cover aspects of a transition cow program and how to improve to the transition cow performance of your herd.

Online Feeder School

Two-part online program offered by CCE and PRO-DAIRY, presented in separate English and Spanish sessions.   

The Online Feeder School is a two-part educational program for farmers, employees, and agriservice professionals who work as or with the feeder – the person responsible for mixing TMR, maintaining bunk silos, and communicating feed issues with other farm staff. It will cover monitoring dry matter, feed bunk management, bunk face management, and troubleshooting mixer wagons. Speakers include Dr. Bill Stone, Diamond V, CCE Regional Dairy Specialists, and PRO-DAIRY staff.

Recording Links

Dialing Into Your Best Dairy

A Podcast Series​

Hosted by Cornell Cooperative Extension Regional Dairy Specialists and Cornell CALS PRO-DAIRY

This podcast series shares management practices and tips to reach your herd’s full genetic potential. It features PRO-DAIRY and CCE Dairy Specialists who over eight episodes discuss the life stages of the dairy cow, including episodes focused on raising calves through the milk phase and weaning; managing weaned heifers up to freshening; making decisions about which replacements to keep, including inventory, disease prevention, and culling decisions; feeding and nutrition management during lactation; facilities, time management, and ventilation considerations throughout lactation; and management factors around reproduction, gestation, and the dry period. This series includes interviews with Cornell’s Dr. Mike Van Amburgh, the owners of Selz-Pralle Dairy in Wisconsin, and Paul Fouts, a NY dairy producer.