Effective use of production management tools is important to revenue and production growth of dairy farms in New York and impacts the profitability and quality of life for farm owners. PRO-DAIRY staff partner with Cornell Cooperative Extension Regional Dairy Specialists to create effective and accessible educational programs that reflect the diversity of geography and production management systems that characterize New York's dairy industry. The combination of cutting-edge research practices and tested best management practices enable farmers and their employees to make sound decisions for their farms and rural communities.

PRO-DAIRY staff partner with Cornell Cooperative Extension Regional Dairy Specialists to develop and implement programs across the state, efficiently share staff expertise.

    Featured Programming

    A man milking cows in a parlor

    January 10 - February 21, 2023

    This seven-part webinar series offers cutting edge information about dairy technology from industry experts. If you are thinking about incorporating new technology or have already implemented innovative technology this series is for you.

    dairy cows in a freestall barn

    This program will cover how to identify lameness, what factors cause lameness, and practical strategies to avoid and mitigate lameness on your dairy.

    Dairy cows in Cornell’s College of Veterinary Medicine Teaching Dairy Barn.

    This program will give participants an understanding of how to use genetic information to reach their herd goals. An optional in-person session will provide an opportunity for hands-on practice with genetic analysis tools.

    Group standing in front of an anaerobic digester at a Western NY dairy farm

    This two-dairy virtual conference has gathered dairy industry experts to shed light on what “getting to net zero” means for dairy producers.

    A female with a baseball cap walks into a cow barn

    This webinar series from Fall 2021 covered aspects of a transition cow program and how to improve to the transition cow performance of your herd.