Conferences & Seminars

PRO-DAIRY offers premier educational programming to enhance management and technical skills and increase knowledge.


cows in a row in a dairy barn

Next Conference: January 31 - February 1, 2023

Presented in collaboration with Northeast Dairy Producers Association. This event provides an opportunity for people responsible for day-to-day activities to increase their management and operations skills while interacting with other managers. Join us for a this in-person event featuring educational topics and applicable strategies for management teams, whether your focus is managing cows, crops or people.

Cow walks through dairy barn

Next conference: March 2024

This biennial conference offers high-quality programing targeted to progressive dairy farmers in the Northeast, with a mission to provide the latest information on current trends and topics in the dairy industry through dynamic and informative sessions designed to re-energize businesses and improve performance. Presented in collaboration with Northeast Dairy Producers Association (NEDPA).

calfs in the calf barn near a food trough

April 3-4, 2023
April 8-9, 2024
April 7-8, 2025

Presented in collaboration with Northeast Agribusiness and Feed Alliance. This annual conference provides an opportunity for dairy producers, veterinarians, feed industry representatives, and agriservice personnel to increase their knowledge of current herd health and nutrition management techniques while interacting with other professionals.


Academy for Dairy Executives

This program targets the next generation of farm management and ownership. Curriculum includes “Managing with Finance” and “Managing with Success” topics and learning by networking with other participants in similar roles. Typically participants are the junior generation who return home to more effectively communicate and coordinate with senior farm owners.

NYS Junior DAIRY LEADER Program 

This one-year program explores careers in the dairy industry and offers hands-on experiential learning for a select group of youth ranging from 16 to 19 years old. Participants gain a realistic view and experience the dairy industry as a viable, profitable and progressive business sector with career opportunities and build personal and professional skills.

NYS Beginning DAIRY LEADER Program

This program gives high school participants the opportunity to explore post-secondary agricultural education and career opportunities in a networking environment through interaction with faculty and students, college planning, and personal development.