Manure storage and application

What is manure storage?

Dairy manure management has advanced to include the storage of manure in an earthen pond, tank or roofed structure. Manure storage allows management flexibility that facilitates the recycling of manure nutrients to crop lands in an environmentally and economically appropriate way. The USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) Agricultural Waste Management Field Handbook provides specific guidance for planning, designing, and managing systems where agricultural wastes are involved.  It can help the professional planner/designer assist agricultural producers in organizing a comprehensive approach to integrate waste management into overall farm operations. 

Covered Manure Storages

Climate Resilient Farming Grant

Thanks to funding from the New York State Department of Agriculture & Markets, New York Farmers are implementing innovative manure management techniques for environmental stewardship, farm viability, and the community. PRO-DAIRY and Cornell Cooperative Extension partner with New York State and County Soil & Water Conservation Districts to help farms afford and design manure pit cover and flare systems.

In this video Tim Fessenden of Fessenden Dairy in Cayuga County, NY and Meghan Hauser of Table Rock Farm in Wyoming County, NY join Curt Gooch, senior extension associate, Cornell PRO DAIRY and Allen Fagan, district manager, Wyoming County Soil & Water Conservation District discuss the benefits that manure pit cover and flare systems have had on their farms.