The PRO-DAIRY mission

Facilitate New York state economic development by increasing the competitiveness and sustainability of New York's dairy farm businesses through industry-applied research and educational programs that enhance farm profitability, while advancing dairy producers and agribusiness professionals' knowledge, skills and enthusiasm.

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April 30 - June 19, 2021

The Milk Quality Online Course covers basic milk quality, milking parlor and mastitis management principles lead by Quality Milk Production Services (QMPS).

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A two-day virtual event for agriservice personnel, feed industry representatives, veterinarians, and dairy producers, featuring educational topics related to current herd health and nutrition management techniques. Presented by PRO-DAIRY and NEAFA.

This podcast series focuses on troubleshooting herd health issues on dairy farms. Episodes will discuss specific areas to look at when experiencing issues in different life stages of the dairy cow.



e-Leader is PRO-DAIRY's monthly online newsletter and features timely news, upcoming programs and resources to support dairy farms.


The Manager

The Manager, published by Progressive Dairy, includes a useful combination of research, updates, how to's and action steps on every aspect of managing a dairy business.


e-Alerts feature timely news and management updates

PRO-DAIRY COVID-19 management resources

Learn more about PRO-DAIRY managing during COVID-19 publications or go to our PRO-DAIRY COVID-19 management resources page to get information about how to manage your dairy during COVID-19.

The Dairy Advancement Program


Plan for the future of your dairy.

The Dairy Advancement Program is an initiative of Governor Cuomo in partnership with the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets and the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation designed to enhance profitability of New York dairy farms while maintaining a commitment to environmentally responsible dairy farming.

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