The Northeast Dairy Management Conference, presented by PRO-DAIRY and the Northeast Dairy Producers Association, is designed for producers and agriservice professionals to interact and relate to the latest thinking and issues in the dairy industry. Dynamic and informative sessions will challenge your thinking to re-energize your business and improve performance. Connect with other progressive dairy producers and advisors to build your network for long term success.

March 9 - 10, 2022

This year's conference was a well-attended and well-regarded event.  Offering topics ranging from technical skills to professional development, the biennial conference attracted over 350 progressive dairy producers, agriservice professionals, university faculty, extension staff, speakers, and sponsors from across the Northeast to network and learn.

Conference Highlights

  • Mark Mayfield kicked off the conference with an entertaining presentation on stress management. 
  • Holly Green from The Human Factor provided insight and strategies on how to adapt and thrive in a ever-changing world.
  • Dr. Richard Stup, Cornell Agricultural Workforce Development, emphasized the importance of professionalizing human resource management on farms, from proper equipment and clean workspaces to clear expectations and standardized HR processes.
  • A panel comprised of leaders from national policy organizations, dairy farms, academia, and allied industry discussed goals and continued progress toward dairy environmental sustainability and competitiveness in a global marketplace. 

Awards Presented

  • Dairyman John Noble was honored by NEDPA with the Richard Popp Memorial Leadership Award. Richard Popp was co-owner of Southview Farm of Castile and Groveland, NY and achieved a local and national reputation as a creative, progressive and successful dairy farmer.
  • The Richard Popp Scholarship Award was presented to five undergraduates in Cornell CALS Department of Animal Science: Elizabeth Maslyn ’22, Johnathan King ’22, Colin Kadis ’22, Matthew Peck ’22 and Grace Harrigan ’22.
  • Karl Czymmek was recognized by NEDPA for two decades of leadership, research, and outreach on environmental sustainability and nutrient management work on behalf of NY’s dairy industry.

Recordings Available

General session presentation recordings from the 2022 conference are available for purchase ($175).  Use the link below to register to receive links.


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2022 Agenda

8:00 AM


9:00 AM

Pre-Conference Sessions

Feeding the Difference - A Calf Feeding Systems Panel
Sponsored by Denkavit USA

There’s more than one way to feed a calf.  Three large dairy farmers with differing calf raising systems will be a part of our pre-conference Panel session.  After a short intro to the panel, the farmers will have prepared short talk describing their calf feeding system, successes and road blocks, reasonings and points of economics to why they do what they do.  The remaining time is open questions from the audience.  The goal is to have attendees come home with innovative ideas on ways to improve the things that they can control within their calf feeding systems.   Farms with these different calf feeding systems will represent automated feeding systems, milk replacer and feeding large batches efficiently, and pasteurized milk with a balancer.


Labor Cost Control: The Payback of Robotics on Large Herds (remote presentation)
Sponsored by Finger Lakes Dairy Services
Dr. David Kohl, Virginia Tech

This topic will be presented remotely via Zoom with a live stream at the conference.

Dr. Kohl will examine the economics and cow side benefits realized with box type milking robots.  Robotics can position your dairy business to attract and retain highly qualified productive labor that can reap the benefits of information technology for operational efficiency, the key for success in the dairy industry. Join us to see how to reduce constantly rising payrolls with an asset that provides a fixed milk harvest cost and other unmatched advantages.


What Kind of Cow Should You Be Creating?
Sponsored by ST Genetics
Kevin Ziemba, ST Genetics

The topic will cover the genetic progress model of the US Progressive dairy, covering sexed and beef models, sustainability through genetics and pregnancy creation along with genomic testing.

9:55 AM

Pre-Conference Sessions

Planning for a Smooth Transition in an Uncertain World
Sponsored by Lincoln Agribusiness/Freed Maxick/Scolaro Law Firm
Tim Veazey, Lincoln Agribusiness; Jeff Fetter, Scolaro Law Firm; and Tim Moag, Freed Maxick

Many of your farms face transitions for management and ownership.  Come hear about how to take charge of your transition plan: control the things you can to be best prepared to adapt to the things you can’t.  Attorney Jeff Fetter, CPA Tim Moag, and Financial Planner Tim Veazey will discuss ways that a coordinated approach to planning can help your business successfully navigate its transition.


Take a Virtual Tour of a Robot Rotary
Sponsored by GEA Farm Technologies
Stuart Marshall, GEA Farm Technologies

Oakfield Corners Dairy (Oakfield, New York) installed a 72-stall GEA DairyProQ robot rotary in March 2021.  Join us  – one year later – as we take you through their milking facility so you can see how they milk thousands of cows with robots, and were able to grow their herd without adding additional labor. The GEA DairyProQ is a hybrid of robotic and conventional milking systems, designed to bring you the best of both worlds. Bring your questions and ideas – and Stuart will share his expertise.


Value of Implementing On-Farm Milk Analysis
Sponsored by PerkinElmer
Dr. David Honigs, PerkinElmer

The same technology used for milk measurements in large operations has recently been pushed down in price and simpler based on the world-wide demand, including demand from 3rd world countries where price was a serious issue.  The benefit of this is that the same basic technology that was once limited to the major companies is not available to individual farms and smaller processors.  This session will talk about the basic technology of milk measurement for components and adulteration and discuss the availability and volume break points for each style of these instruments.

10:50 AM

Pre-Conference Sessions

Rethink The Way You Plant This Season
Sponsored by Dairy One

Chris Creek, Precision Planting

The corn planter is a key point of influence in feed production. Timing and placement of crop nutrition, seeding depth, and the seed varieties used are all key factors in obtaining optimum feed qualities. Dairy One and Precision Planting have partnered with Dairy Management LLC at the Cornell Ruminant Center and other industry leaders in a 3-year study to evaluate the process of generating high yielding corn silage with a goal of increased milk production. Chris will share highlights from the first year of this study and practical management tips that can affect your yields this planting season.


Northeast Economic Outlook
Sponsored by Farm Credit East
Chris Laughton, Farm Credit East

Farm Credit East Director of Knowledge Exchange, Chris Laughton, will present an overview of the U.S. economy, covering key issues such as supply chain disruptions, inflation, interest rates, consumer spending, labor markets, and what the rest of 2022 might bring. Time will be provided for Q&A.


Economic and Environmental Opportunities with Circular Manure Management
Sponsored by Pikeside Ag Machinery LLC
Josh Niels, Trident TNZ LLC

‘Regenerative farming’ or ‘net-zero’ have been making the industry headlines in recent years. But how easy is it to take action? Secondary manure treatment as an add-on to existing primary manure separation is an effective starting point. This session shows with real life examples how advanced manure treatment impacts environmental footprint, resilience and operational performance.

11:35 AM


12:45 PM


1:00 PM

Conference Kick-Off Keynote Presentation
Mark Mayfield, Professional Speaker and Emcee and Lifelong Agriculturist

2:05 PM

Lean Implementation in a Small Business:  Key Points & Lessons Learned
Dr. Abbot McGinnis, University of Kentucky Lean Systems Program

In this session, the major key points and lessons learned primarily from the business owner’s perspective will be presented, along with a general outline of the strategy and major lean implementation activities taken in cooperation with the owner-operator of 2 Chick-fil-A restaurants in Lexington, KY.  

Over the 10+-year period we have been working together, these 2 stores have developed a variety of important innovations which have been adapted corporate-wide, including the development of the new straight-line flow store design which is becoming the standard upgrade for many existing stores nation-wide.

3:05 PM

Tradeshow and Break

4:00 PM

Popp Undergraduate and Leadership Award Presentations

4:30 PM

NEDPA Update

4:45 PM

New York Dairy Roundtable Follow-up Panel Discussion

This session will summarize the discussions held by dairy producers, dairy processors, milk haulers and agribusiness organizations at the New York Dairy Roundtable held in November 2021.  This roundtable focused on both challenges and opportunities for long term viability of the dairy industry in New York and to foster discussions on ways to improve this sector.

6:00 PM

Networking Dinner Reception

6:30 AM


7:00 AM

NEDPA Annual Meeting - Open to all

8:00 AM


8:05 AM

Adapting and Changing in an Ever-Changing World
Holly Green, The Human Factor

Staying positive, focused & productive when things seem out of control. Uncertainty is uncomfortable for adult humans! It causes stress, anxiety, and a lack of focus.  Thankfully, we are amazing creatures that can adapt and thrive even in tough situations. Learn the ‘secrets’ to using your brain well in difficult times and during periods of constant change.

You’ll get techniques and tips you can use to prompt your own brain and the brains of others so that you continue to be successful. We’ll explore the factors of resiliency – why do some people bounce back quickly while others stew in misery. What are the prompts you can use to set yourself up to stay focused and productive? What determines your own attitude and how can you shape the attitude of others? How can you spring back, bend, and adapt to achieve?

9:10 AM

Professionalizing HR on Farms: Why and What This Means
Dr. Richard Stup, Cornell Agricultural Workforce Development

Tight labor markets, employee well-being concerns, increased government oversight,  modern employee expectations, and recognition of the workforce as a competitive advantage are all driving a new emphasis on professional human resource managment for farm employers. What advantages does professsionalizing give to growing farms? This session will explore the steps can you take to achieve a high level of professionalism as an employer.

10:00 AM


10:30 AM

Concurrent Breakout Sessions

Lean Systems: Practical Applications and Challenges on Dairy Farms
Barry Putnam and Mary Kate McKenzie, Cornell CALS PRO-DAIRY

In this session we will review what Lean Management is, share the questions that arose from our discussion on Lean Management and how farms applied this concept in 2021 on their dairies.

Managing Farms Under Milk Production Caps and Limitations: A Panel Conversation
Dr. Chris Wolf, Cornell University; John Lehr, Farm Credit East; Corwin Holtz, Holtz-Nelson Dairy Consulting
Moderated by Jason Karszes, Cornell CALS PRO-DAIRY

Over the last 2 years, many milk handlers have adopted pricing programs that include quantity of milk produced on the farm. With deductions associated with milk that is produced over this quantity, this has introduced a new dynamic to both operational and strategic decision making on dairy farms. A round table conversation between the panelists will highlight questions that are being raised about operational and strategic decisions and how farms are responding to the new pricing programs.

Retaining Farm Employees: Tools and Techniques
Dr. Richard Stup, Cornell Agricultural Workforce Development

Retaining your best employees needs to be a strategic priority for every dairy employer. The research is clear about what works to retain employees, but too often employers overlook practical actions that would keep the best employees in place. This session will provide tools and techniques to retain the best performers.

What Does the Future of High Performance Dairy Management Look Like?
Dr. Mike Lormore, Zoetis

This breakout will explore the future of high performance dairy management and how innovation and technology will play key roles in how we manage cows, people and our businesses, while meeting and exceeding the expectations of downstream partners and customers.

11:30 AM

Concurrent Breakout Sessions (repeated from above)

12:15 PM


1:15 PM


1:30 PM

NEDPA Update

1:45 PM

Panel Discussion: Sustainability on the Farm and the Net Zero Initiative
Curt Gooch, Land O'Lakes - Truterra; Dr. Jamie Jonker, National Milk Producers Federation; John Noble, Noblehurst Farms; Dr. Mike Van Amburgh, Cornell University;
Moderated by Tom Overton, Cornell CALS PRO-DAIRY

This session will outline goals that the dairy industry has outlined at the national level to ensure continued progress in environmental sustainability and competitiveness in a global marketplace.  Panelists will be comprised of key leaders at the national policy level, dairy producer level, academia, and allied industry.

2:45 PM

How to Get 5 Generations Working Together in the 12 Places They Come Apart
Haydn Shaw, People Drive Results

You have questions and Haydn Shaw has answers: Why can’t organizations find workers? How do we attract and keep younger generations in the dairy business? What are the management impact of generational differences?  How do we resolve conflict between different generations? How to make family businesses work across generations?

3:45 PM


2020 Webinar Series

While we were not able to meet in person for the biennial 2020 Northeast Dairy Management Conference due to COVID-19, we were pleased to host the Northeast Dairy Management Webinar Series.

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