Careers in the plant sciences

The Planet Needs More Plant Scientists! 

That's the title of a 2014 article in The Scientist. And it's still true today. Jobs are plentiful for plant science graduates.  Or if you plan to further your studies at the competitive graduate level, know that Cornell is one of the most highly rated universities in the world for plant science.

Here's what Plant Sciences and Agricultural Sciences Majors from one of our recent graduating classes were doing shortly after graduation:

  • Biostatistics MS/PhD, Johns Hopkins
  • BioSciences MS/PhD, Rockefeller University
  • Mol, Cell, & Develop Biol MS/PhD, U-MI
  • and Walmart eCommerce
  • Soil Biophysics MS/PhD, Texas A&M
  • Farm Credit East
  • Longwood Gardens, Public Outreach
  • LittleLeaf Farms
  • Med Micro & Immunology MS/PhD, U-WI
  • Molecular & Cell Biology MS/PhD, Brandeis
  • Tolosa Winery
  • Seedway, LLC
  • Family Farm
  • Weber Shandwick
  • Botany MS/PhD, U-WI
  • USDA Natural Resource Conservation Svc
  • Disney, hydroponic food production
  • Weed Science MS/PhD, Texas A&M
  • Entomology MS/PhD, Cornell
  • Farmbox Greens
  • Helena Chemical
  • Iko Systems
  • AgroFresh
  • Collins Aerospace
  • Red Maple Vineyard
  • Weed Science research, Cornell
  • Mellow Yellow Produce
  • CaroVail Inc
  • Ernst and Young
  • MetLife
  • Family Farm/Nursery
  • Fishkill Farms
  • Farm Credit East
  • Kingston Family Vineyards
  • Plant defense research, Boyce Thompson Institute
  • Fruit Farm & Cider House
  • Cornell Soil Health Lab
  • Arnold Arboretum, Harvard
  • Organic Dairy Herd Mgmt
  • Silva's Holstein Dairy
  • Computational Biology MS/PhD
  • Plant Pathology MS, PSU
  • Plant Breeding/Molecular Genetics MS/PhD,  U-MN
  • Specialty crop genetics, Boyce Thompson Institute
  • Landscape Architecture MS, UC-Berkeley
  • ZS Management Consulting
  • Plant Sciences MS/PhD, UC-Davis
  • Public Garden Leadership MPS, Cornell
  • Plant Biology MS/PhD, UC-Berkeley
  • Plant Genetic Resources Unit, USDA
  • Ripening biology, Boyce Thompson Institute
  • Agricultural Education MAT, Ithaca College
  • Integrative Biology MS/PhD, U-IL
  • Fillmore Greenhouses Inc
  • ZS Management Consulting
  • Hudson Valley Foie Gras
  • Wedding Oak Winery
  • Soil and Crop Sciences MS/PhD, Cornell
  • Champlain Valley Agronomics
  • Molecular Genetics MS/PhD, The Ohio State
  • Crop Science and Bioenergy MS/PhD, U-IL
  • Plant Breeding & Genetics MS/PhD, Cornell
  • Cornell Outdoor Education
  • Schumacher Companies
  • SPACE on Ryder Farm
  • Green River Farms
  • E & J Gallo

Visit our Plant Sciences Concentrations pages to learn about more specific career paths and opportunities for each.


Meet some of our recent graduates

Emily Follett

  • Concentration: Sustainable Plant Production
  • Also: Cross country ski team president, study abroad in Norway
  • Next:  Product Developer at AgroFresh

Meet some of our recent graduates

Patrick O’Briant

  • Awards: NSF Fellow, McNair Scholar, CALS Global Fellow
  • Also: Hortus Forum (undergraduate horticulture club), AZ Honors Society, research project in Kenya
  • Next: PhD program in Soil & Crop Sciences, Cornell

Meet some of our recent graduates

Rachel Vanicek

  • Concentration: Sustainable Plant Production
  • Minor: Business
  • Also: Swing Dance, Peer Mentoring
  • Next:  Hydroponics at Walt Disney World
head shot of emily follett
head shot of patrick obriant
head shot of Rachel Vanicek