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Featured food production resources

Farmer field day group looking at field of barley.

Our Field Crops website is for corn, forage, small grain, and soybean producers. Provides comprehensive information on each crop along with recommendations, a newsletter and more.

Field day attendees learning about high-density cider orchard planting.

Our Cornell Fruit Resources website is for commercial tree fruit, grape and berry growers. Newsletters, production, pest management, post-harvest and marketing information for each crop and more.

Field day attendees learn about new vegetable varieties

Our Cornell Vegetables website is for commercial fresh-market and processing vegetable growers. Pest, disease and weed management information, reduced-tillage vegetables, cover crops, high tunnels.

Youth learn about gardening at Cornell Botanic Gardens with greenhouse in background.

Cornell Garden-Based Learning site offers how-to gardening advice, vegetable and fruit growing guides, vegetable variety information, and more.

Hydroponic lettuce with roots dangling from support.

CEA is an advanced and intensive form of hydroponically-based agriculture. Learn more about the advanced lighting and environmental control systems that make these systems more efficient and sustainable.

herbicide resistant weed workshop at field day

Weed identification and management resources to help you reduce the impact of these unwanted plants in fields, gardens, landscapes and ecosystems.