Featured biodiversity resources

Bailey Hortorium staff showing large specimens from their collection

The Liberty Hyde Bailey Hortorium includes a herbarium with more than 860,000 specimens and a 30,000-volume library of botanical books and journals as well as a living collection in the Bailey Conservatory on Tower Road.

historical black and white photo of clump of musherooms

A collection of 400,000 fungus and plant disease specimens, including over 7000 type specimens. Photo collection includes 60,000 historical scientific images of mushrooms, agricultural practices, and plant diseases.

collection of cherry tomatoes of various shapes and colors

A Cornell Garden-Based Learning citizen science project, includes a database describing more than 6,000 vegetable varieties rated and reviewed by home gardeners.

large tree silhouetted against the sky

Urban Horticulture Institute tool helps you choose the right tree, shrub or woody vine based on your site’s conditions and learn about new woody plants that you may not be familiar with.

wagon tour of small grain variety trials

View trial results for corn, soybeans, small grains, and forages, plus portal to potatoes, industrial hemp, shrub willow bioenergy crops, bioenergy feedstock crops, vegetable and annual flower trials.

blue-haired student thigh deep in pond displaying thorny underside of huge victoria lily leaf

Houses the living plant collection of the Bailey Hortorium in the Plant Biology Section -- more than 600 species from 144 different plant families and 347 genera from around the world. It is the home of Cornell’s Titan arums.