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One of my favorite parts about research is sharing my work and learning about other scientists’ experiments. I am grateful for the research experiences CALS has given me.

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CALS is amazing because we are a large College with many different majors, but I still am able to find close connections within my major and classes.

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I got the great opportunity to lecture and administer a class in machine learning through my project team Cornell Data Science.

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CALS continues to exceed my expectations, from conversations with professors, incredible classes, and even the delicious lunches at Trillium. The Ag quad is such a special oasis and I'm constantly in awe of everything CALS has to offer.

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Serving as a Teaching Assistant for Insect Biology, the first entomology class I took at Cornell, was especially important to me.

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My CALS Moment? Visiting Stocking Hall for the very first time to pet some cows and try Cornell Dairy ice Cream!

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Being part of a smaller major community within the CALS community is the perfect scenario for me.

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The Animal Science Department is full of opportunities, but one that I’ve been enjoying and am looking forward to continuing this spring is the opportunity to be a Teaching Assistant (TA). As a TA, you get the chance to guide your peers through the classes you’ve excelled in.

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I've had internships with several food start-ups and gained real-world experience in how businesses in the food and beverage industry operate.

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I found some of my closest friends at Cornell through POST. POST is a week-long pre-orientation service trip that I did before my freshman year.

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I'm a fit for CALS because I like to look at the larger picture of things to understand how it applies to myself, my community, and the world.

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I have spent some time engaging with the Latino/a Studies Program and have enjoyed making connections with the faculty and students who are interested in developing resources for Latinx students at Cornell!

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I am involved in the Cornell University Sustainable Design project team. The project I've been working on has the goal of making Ithaca a carbon-neutral city by 2030.

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CALS is a great fit for me because of its humanitarian approach to the world, its motto "life-changing" really encompasses a core value I hold in regards to how I view my studies and the purpose behind it.

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I had an internship where I helped rehabilitate horses that had been abused, which taught me a lot about handling such a large animal.