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CALS Ambassadors are dedicated student leaders who represent our diverse undergraduate student community. The group spotlighted here, along with their 60+ fellow Ambassadors, come from variety of backgrounds and study across CALS academic disciplines. Their goal is to share genuine perspective on their Cornell CALS student experiences.

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One of my favorite parts about research is sharing my work and learning about other scientists’ experiments. I am grateful for the research experiences CALS has given me.

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CALS is amazing because we are a large College with many different majors, but I still am able to find close connections within my major and classes.

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CALS is a perfect fit for me because I like helping people. Since I've been in CALS, I've felt like I'm a part of something bigger than myself.

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Serving as a Teaching Assistant for Insect Biology, the first entomology class I took at Cornell, was especially important to me.

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My CALS Moment? Visiting Stocking Hall for the very first time to pet some cows and try Cornell Dairy ice cream!

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I am a great fit for CALS because I am passionate about the connection between food systems, sustainability, and nutritional health. In any other school, I would not be able to combine my wide range of interests into a single major and minor.

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The Animal Science Department is full of opportunities, but one that I’ve been enjoying is the opportunity to be a Teaching Assistant (TA). As a TA, you get the chance to guide your peers through the classes you’ve excelled in.

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I've had internships with several food start-ups and gained real-world experience in how businesses in the food and beverage industry operate.

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I found some of my closest friends at Cornell through POST. POST is a week-long pre-orientation service trip that I did before my freshman year.

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It was really important for me to get a well-rounded college education, and CALS ensures that I graduate with a lot of skills and interests.

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I love how I’ve been able to take classes across lots of fields beyond my major. CALS students want to make the world a better place!

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I have spent some time engaging with the Latino/a Studies Program and have enjoyed making connections with the faculty and students who are interested in developing resources for Latinx students at Cornell!

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The community that I have found through the Biology Scholars Program has impacted my Cornell experience immensely. It is so heart-warming to see familiar faces everywhere on campus.

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I am involved in the Cornell University Sustainable Design project team. The project I've been working on has the goal of making Ithaca a carbon-neutral city by 2030.

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After graduation, I want to craft effective and efficient policies to help the United States, and the world, mitigate and adapt to impending climate change.