CALS Student Organizations

With over 60 student clubs and organizations in CALS alone, you'll be part of a vibrant community from the get-go! Explore the many ways to get involved.

Organization and Websites

Student Contact


ABC Ambassadors

nb457 [at] (Nana Britwum)

wrb2 [at] (Walter Butler)

Accounting Association, Cornell

jsp266 [at] (Jessica Page)

jwm336 [at] (John McKinley)

Actuarial Society, Cornell

bc545 [at] (Jason Cho) and gp296 [at] (Garrett Pagonis)

joshua.woodard [at] (Joshua Woodard)

Agricultural Sciences Ambassadors

agsciambassadors [at] (AgSci Ambassadors Email)

ksu2 [at] (Kari Richards)

Alpha Epsilon (BEE)

alphaepsiloncornell [at] (AE Honor Society Email)

jcm224 [at] (John March)

Alpha Kappa Psi

rm768 [at] (Rahul Madanahalli) and alq9 [at] (Andrea Quartner)

ddp4 [at] (Drew Pascarella)

Alpha Zeta, the Cornell Chapter

gms252 [at] (George Stack)

clv1 [at] (Cindy van Es)

American Meteorology Society, Cornell Student Chapter of

avm47 [at] (Ashley Merzon) and alp96 [at] (Amanda Powell)

mww3 [at] (Mark Wysocki)

American Society of Landscape Architects, Cornell Student Chapter of the

sa994 [at] (Sama Azadi)

pjt4 [at] (Peter Trowbridge)

Beekeeping Club, Cornell

lr425 [at] (Leeah Richardson)

shm33 [at] (Scott McArt)

Birding Club at Cornell

smt232 [at] (Sarah Toner) and raw292 [at] (Alex Wiebe)

ijl2 [at] (Irby Lovette)

Block and Bridle Club, Cornell University

cjm356 [at] (Conor McCabe) and jmm745 [at] (Jaclyn Melvin)

mlt2 [at] (Mike Thonney)

Business Analytics, Cornell

sib35 [at] (Sofia Bocanegra)

dlh266 [at] (Donna Lynn Haeger)

CALS Ambassadors

sl769 [at] (Meredith Liu) and mee46 [at] (Morgan England)

et335 [at] (Erin Treat)

CALS Student Advisory Council to the Dean

kaf238 [at] (Kristina Filippini)

mww3 [at] (Mark Wysocki)

Chocolate and Confections Technology Club (ChoCTech)

cmp255 [at] (Christiana Psichas)

oip1 [at] (Olga Padilla-Zakour)

Collegiate New York Farm Bureau at Cornell University

mes435 [at] (Matalyn Stark)

arw93 [at] (Aubrey R. Holbrook)

Cornell Speech and Debate Society

red243 [at] (Rubin Danberg-Biggs)

smn33 [at] (Samuel Nelson)

Dairy Science Club, Cornell University (CUDS)

csp58 [at] (Casey Porter)

mev1 [at] (Mike Van Amburgh)

Dietetic Association, Cornell University

jw845 [at] (Jacqueline Weiss)

eg47 [at] (Emily Gier)

Dilmun Hill Student Organic Farm

dilmunhill [at] (Dilmun Hill Email)

jm21 [at] (Jane Mt. Pleasant)

Dys ID

ek633 [at] (Erica Kontos)

clv1 [at] (Cindy Van Es)

Fantastic Fungi Fanatics

zl368 [at] (Zeran Lin)

kh11 [at] (Kathie T Hodge)

Farmers' Market at Cornell (FMAC)

egb63 [at] (Emma Bankier)

ta03 [at] (Therese O'Connor)

Finance Club, Cornell

rkp53 [at] (Rushil Patel)

bh438 [at] (Byoung-Hyoun Hwang)

Financial Management Group of Cornell

ah222 [at] (Adam Hirsch)

rtc3 [at] (Richard Curtis)

Food Science Club, Cornell University

Sierra srj56 [at] (Jamir)

mec345 [at] (Marin Cherry)

Food Science Product Development Club

mmd277 [at] (Michelle Duong)

jmr65 [at] (Janette Robbins)

Friends of Farmworkers

ckc75 [at] (Christopher Chang)

mjd9 [at] (Mary Jo Dudley)

Friends of the Gorge

vd54 [at] (Veronica Dickson)

mek2 [at] (Marianne Elizabeth Krasny)

Future Business Leaders of America - Phi Beta Lambda

lp343 [at] (Leslie Park)

pdp5 [at] (Pedro Perez)

Global Health Student Council

kmv46 [at] (Kaitlin Vick)

dlp5 [at] (David Pelletier)

Health International, Cornell

yam6 [at] (Yasmeen Murtaza)

dlp5 [at] (David Pelletier)

Health and Nutrition Society (Health Nuts)


jpf99 [at] (Julia Felice)

Herpetological Society (Cornell Herp Club)

sm2268 [at] (Sean McHugh)

krz2 [at] (Kelly Zamudio)

Ho Nun De Kah (HNDK)

scw77 [at] (Sarah Wright)

sls243 [at] (Steve Shaum)

Hortus Forum

hmb84 [at] (Hauk Boyes)

me14 [at] (Marcia Eames-Sheavly)

Hydroponics, Cornell

bms268 [at] (Benjamin Sword)

neil.mattson [at] (Neil Mattson)

Immigrant Farmworker Initiative

ags253 [at] (Amy Saz)

mjd9 [at] (Mary Jo Dudley)

Institute of Biological Engineering

erc84 [at] (Eric Cole)

jbh5 [at] (Jean Hunter)

Marketing Organization, Cornell

pc524 [at] (Peter Cetale)

djp7 [at] (Debra Perosio)

Merlin's Kids, Cornell

ma695 [at] (Melissa Aranda)

jrg9 [at] (James Giles)

Microbiology Initiative, Cornell University

nc349 [at] (Neil Chitrao)

bse3 [at] (Barbara Eaglesham)

Millennial Voices Project, The

cms479 [at] (Celina Scott-Buechler)

chg2 [at] (Charles H. Greene)

Minority Animal Science Students (MASS)

cm643 [at] (Chrishell Marble)

jg234 [at] (Jerrie Gavalchin)

Native American Students at Cornell

aab277 [at] (Ana Bordallo)

k.halbig [at] (Kathy Halbig)

Nature Society, Cornell (CNS)

dp498 [at] (Devika Pokhriyal)

jrg9 [at] (James Giles)

Nourish International

jap429 [at] (Jehireh Peraza-Williams)

dlp5 [at] (David Pelletier)

Partners In Health | Engage at Cornell University

krm75 [at] (Kelley Mark)

jlf288 [at] (Julia Finkelstein)

Pre-veterinary Society

sm959 [at] (Samantha Maloy)

djc6 [at] (Debbie Cherney)

Princesses and Princes of Flowers

hck38 [at] (Haruka Kido)

er30 [at] (Eloy Rodriguez)

Raptor Program, Cornell

jr632 [at] (Jen Ren)

hjh3 [at] (Heather Huson)

Research Paper, The (Cornell’s Undergraduate Research Magazine)

amj58 [at] (Anita Jegarl)

agg1 [at] (Alan Giambattista)

Science of Earth Systems Student Association

ags243 [at] (Alana Semple)

john.cisne [at] (John Cisne)

Sigma Alpha Sorority

ckh53 [at] (Courtney Hoff)

djc27 [at] (Debbie Grusenmeyer)

Snodgrass and Wiggleworth (Cornell Undergraduate Entomology Club)

ek525 [at] (Erin Krichilsky)

cg23 [at] (Cole Gilbert)

Social Enterprise Group at Cornell (SEGC)

vms53 [at] (Victoria Samson)

dtn4 [at] (David Ng)

Society for Natural Resources Conservation (SNRC)SNRC on cmh337 [at] (Orgsync)

aps289 [at] (Audrey Stanton)

sw38 [at] (Suzanne Wapner)

Society for Women in Business (SWIB)

kcj38 [at] (Kelly Jahnsen)

dhs4 [at] (Deborah Streeter)

Viticulture and Enology Club, Cornell University (CUVEC)

onm6 [at] (Olivia Myers)

kja1 [at] (Kathy Arnink)

Wildlife Society, Cornell University Student Chapter

mrs366 [at] (Michelle Santillan)

rar298 [at] (Paul Curtis)

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