Pre-Vet Society

The Pre-Veterinary Society is a student-run organization dedicated to offering its members new perspectives on the veterinary profession, and advice to optimize chances of gaining admission to veterinary school. The society is an excellent resource for freshmen and sophomores who want a broader perspective on veterinary medicine, and we provide supportive services to juniors and seniors that are in the application process.

Meetings are held in 146 Morrison Hall. Emails specifying exact times and locations are sent out prior to all meetings held. Please send an email to prevetcornell [at] (prevetcornell[at]gmail[dot]com) to receive instructions on joining the listserv.  Meetings normally last for no more than one hour, and usually take place the first Thursday of every month at 5:00pm;  however, there may be changes, so new members should email  prevetcornell [at] (prevetcornell[at]gmail[dot]com) for more information as to when/where meetings are.

If you are interested in joining, dues for each member are $10 per semester!

Feel free to contact the officers with any suggestions that you may have to make the meetings more enjoyable, or applicable to your interests.

Remember, in order to be a member of the Pre-Vet Society, you MUST attend 3/4 of the meetings.  HOWEVER, if you have a conflict, meetings can be made up by participating in other Pre-Vet Society sanctioned events, fundraisers and field trips, or by attending make-up meetings. Please email prevetcornell [at] (prevetcornell[at]gmail[dot]com) for details, and keep an eye out for emails about events that qualify for meeting attendance.

Officers undertake a task of service and stewardship for the PreVet Society. Annual Elections are held for the 8 positions listed below. These individuals are elected by PVS members, and bear the brunt of the work to make the meetings happen. Responsibilities differ from office to office, but main tasks include fundraising, publicity and recruitment, resource acquisition, scheduling events, and contacting speakers for meetings. Officers are to be open and attentive to the demands of members, and attempt to serve the needs of the society as a whole.

Pre-vet mentoring

The pre-vet society has its own peer mentoring program! Mentors are typically juniors and seniors, and will be matched with one (or more, if requested) typically freshmen and sophomore mentees. Mentors may provide advice about specific courses, creating a 4-year course schedule (a requirement for ANSC 1105: Contemporary Perspectives on Careers in Animal Science), programs/clubs/research on campus, the vet school application process, and general tips for getting through Cornell! 

This program is limited to pre-veterinary students within the pre-vet society

Members who would like to be matched with a mentor/mentee should email prevetcu [at] (prevetcornell[at]gmail[dot]com)."

2024 Executive Board

President:  Ariana Rivera Corona

Vice President: Alina Randolph

Secretary: Joyce Li

Treasurer: Ivy Tu

SAVMA Rep: Caroline Murabito

Webspace and Publicity Chair: Elizabeth Zhang

Freshman Representative: Izzy Penafiel

Don't hesitate to contact us with questions, concerns or ideas!