Conferences and Workshops

Extension and outreach efforts help Animal Science faculty and staff teach practical education beyond the classroom and are aimed at discovering and developing new techniques, skills, and information to benefit animals, agriculture, and human health in an ever-changing world.

Cornell Nutrition Conference

Extension Seminars & Courses

Basic Dairy Nutrition Shortcourse

This shortcourse is designed primarily for early career nutritionists and allied industry professionals seeking a more comprehensive foundation in the principles of dairy cattle nutrition and their application within dairy herd management.

Advanced Dairy Nutrition & Management Shortcourse

This shortcourse is designed primarily for experienced nutritionists and allied industry professionals seeking a more in-depth exposure to selected topics of emerging and continued interest relating to dairy cattle nutrition and management. 

Feed Dealers Seminars

The Feed Dealer Seminars are specifically targeted for nutritionists, veterinarians, crop and management consultants, extension educators, and dairy producers with specific interest in nutrition-oriented topics.

Sheep and Goat Symposium

The Cornell Sheep & Goat Symposium is designed for both new and experienced goat and sheep raisers. It includes numerous hands-on activities as well as panel discussions and workshops. Learn about this event and the Cornell Sheep Program

PRO-DAIRY Events and Programs

PRO-DAIRY offers a variety of events and programs that provide information, research results and training from industry leaders to dairy producers, agriservice professionals, veterinarians and extension employees across New York state. Learn more about PRO-DAIRY events -

Animal Crackers

The annual Animal Crackers program provides New York youth with fun, hands-on, science-oriented learning experiences on Animal Science topics. This workshop is for 4-H members interested in learning more about their favorite livestock, companion or pet animal species; emphasis on different species groupings and activities varies annually. Learn about this and other 4-H youth programs -

Department Seminars

Dale E. Bauman Lecture

The Dale E. Bauman Lecture was created in 2017 by the Faculty of the Department of Animal Science at Cornell University to recognize and honor the remarkable career accomplishments and outstanding contributions of Professor Emeritus Dale E. Bauman to animal biology, food science, and nutritional biochemistry.

Graduate Student Research Updates

Each semester, graduate students enrolled in ANSC 6220 will present an update on research progress/plan towards his or her dissertation/thesis. Seminars are held every Thursday at 3:45pm in Frank Morrison Hall room 348 during the semester, and are open to all faculty, staff, and students across campus.

Reproductive Physiology/Endocrinology Seminar Series

Hosted by Department of Animal Science and College of Veterinary Medicine, seminars are held every Wednesday in 348 Morrison Hall from 4:00 – 5:00 p.m.

Upcoming Animal Science Events

Holstein feed management


2022 Advanced Dairy Nutrition and Management Shortcourse
Presented as a partnership between Cornell University Animal Science and Miner Institute, the Advanced Dairy Nutrition and Management Shortcourse is conducted in even calendar years at Cornell University. This shortcourse is designed primarily...
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4 youth learning about animal feed


Animal Crackers 2022 “All Creatures Great and Small” to take place in-person on the Cornell Campus on Saturday, May 7, 2022. This year’s program will highlight the following species: equine, bovine, goat, and dog. The annual Animal Crackers...
  • New York State 4-H
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  • Youth and Families
Student pets goat at Art of Agriculture


Join Sigma Alpha, professional agricultural sorority, on the Arts Quad to learn more about agriculture! Experience student groups, research labs, and agricultural outreach organizations representing a wide array of opportunities and careers in...
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holey cow


We are excited to offer a hands-on in-person Dairy Discovery this year! Please note that this year’s program will be one day, March 26th, at Cornell University in Morrison Hall. We will be taking a whole-farm approach to the workshops in 2022...
  • New York State 4-H
  • Animal Science
Dairy cows in Cornell’s College of Veterinary Medicine Teaching Dairy Barn.


Registration This program is available at no cost to participants thanks to the generous support of our industry sponsors. Pre-registration is required. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing instructions and links...
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