Developing leadership skills

Cornell Animal Science youth extension and NYS 4-H provide programs for youth from across the state who are interested in livestock and pet species, as well as animal biology and production systems. These programs also encourage personal development, leadership and marketable skills for the future.

This one-year program explores careers in the dairy industry along with hands-on experiential learning for a select group of youth ranging from 16-19 years old. The program presents youth with a realistic view and experience for the dairy industry as a viable, profitable and progressive business sector young people can look for career opportunities while also building personal and professional skills.

This program is for high school students entering at least their sophomore year, but not graduated, who have potential interest in dairy industry or agricultural careers. BDL includes four one to two-day workshops to explore post secondary agricultural education and career opportunities in a networking environment with faculty, students and industry professionals, along with college planning and personal development.

This program is an annual hands-on one-and-a-half day workshop held in late March at Cornell University that attracts nearly 100 14 to 19 year-olds to learn about dairy careers and dairy cattle production while they rotate through a series of hands-on workshops that focus on a specific aspect of the dairy field and production management.

Animal Careers Website

This online resource offers youth and their parents the opportunity to explore the many animal-related career options available, including case studies from people in the field.

Holey Cow

This hands-on program allows youth groups to learn about ruminant digestion in a fun and engaging manner. After a short presentation, youth are given the opportunity to reach directly into the stomach of one of Cornell's fistulated cows and view rumen microbes under a microscope. This presentation can be modified for different ages. For more information, contact Jessica Carpenter at jc265 [at] (jc265[at]cornell[dot]edu).

ANSC 1120 Sustainable Animal Husbandry

This course is only offered in the summer session and is open to current high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors through Cornell's Precollege Studies Program. Earn college credit while exploring the scope, diversity, and problems related to domestic animal systems.