Welcome to the Department of Animal Science in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Cornell University. First known as the Department of Animal Husbandry back in 1903, the Department has a long and storied history of linking basic and applied research for the benefit of animals and people. Still today, our research programs continue to advance our understanding of animal biology and address local and global issues facing animal industries.

The Department of Animal Science is devoted to:

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Departmental faculty advise and offer a large, diverse curriculum to almost 400 undergraduate and approximately 40 graduate students. We cater to a broad range of student interests and vocational objectives, including major programs designed to prepare students for careers in a variety of fields:

• Veterinary medicine
• Dairy science & management
• Agribusiness
• Academic teaching
• Research

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Our faculty and students tackle a variety of research problems across multiple scales, ranging from molecular and cellular biology to the applied biology and management of herds and flocks. The department is comprised of accomplished researchers in a wide range of disciplines:

• Animal genetics
• Nutrition
• Physiology
• Growth biology
• Management systems
• Digital agriculture

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The Department is strongly committed to public education through its outreach programs dedicated to animal producers and their supporting industries, as well as to the youth of New York state. Our extension specialists are responsible for a number of popular and useful programs designed to reach a variety of audiences, such as:

• Cornell Nutrition Conference
• Dairy Management Conferences
• Pro-Dairy Conferences
• 4-H Animal Crackers

Frequently asked questions from high school students interested in our program

We welcome students year round. Visiting during the academic year gives you the opportunity to speak with students and sit in on a class. Please coordinate your plan to visit with the undergraduate program coordinator (anscinfo [at] cornell.edi (anscinfo[at]cornell[dot]edu)) who will arrange for you to meet with a member of the faculty.

Yes, at certain times of the year, specific dates are set aside with the Red Carpet Society. Please visit Cornell University's admissions site for more information.

Please visit the Cornell Undergraduate Admissions site for more information and an application.

Please visit CALS Admissions transfer information for detailed information on transferring to the Cornell University College of Agriculture & Life Sciences and the Department of Animal Science.

Most pre-vet students major in animal science, and a smaller number in biological sciences. Any major is, however, acceptable as long as you complete all of the prerequisite courses.

Please visit the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine web page for high school students.