For more than eight decades, the Cornell Nutrition Conference has been a trusted source of cutting-edge research and information on animal nutrition for professionals and consultants in the feed industry. The conference focuses on providing industry-leading insights across the entire spectrum of animal nutrition and has become a must-attend event for anyone looking to stay ahead of the curve in this rapidly evolving field.   

Attendees can expect to gain a comprehensive understanding of the latest trends and developments in animal nutrition, as well as practical insights and actionable advice that they can apply to their own work. Whether you are a seasoned industry veteran or just starting out in the field, the Cornell Nutrition Conference is an invaluable resource that can help you take your career to the next level.   

October 17-19, 2023

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This year's agenda has been approved for 16 ARPAS CEUs.

October 17, 2023

Pre-Conference Symposium presented by Elanco Animal Health

Four Pillars of Sustainability

October 18, 2023

Wednesday breakfast sponsored by Protekta

The Role of Phosphorus in the Transition Cow Diet

Patrick Hoffman, Dairy Science Solutions, LLC

October 19, 2023

Thursday breakfast sponsored Papillon Agricultural Company

Nutritional Mitigation of Heat Stress-Induced Leaky Gut: The Role of DCAD and Dietary Buffer

Dr. Greg Penner, University of Saskatchewan

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Pre-Conference Symposium sponsored by Elanco Animal Health

Environmental Sustainability for the Dairy Consultant

1:00 PM

Elanco Animal Health

1:10 PM

Nestle’s Path to Net Zero

Emily Johannes, Nestle

2:00 PM

How We Can Innovate, Reduce Emissions, and Diversify Value Streams on Dairies
Dr. Sara Kvidera, Elanco Animal Health

2:50 PM


3:20 PM

Calculating the Dairy Farm Carbon Footprint
Dr. Kevin Dhuyvetter, Elanco Animal Health

3:40 PM

How Does the Carbon Credit Business Work?
Corey Scott, Athian

4:30 PM

Helping Your Producers Make the Right Decisions
Jed Asmus, Nutrition Consultant

5:00 PM

Adjourn and Evening Reception

6:30 AM

Breakfast, sponsored by Protekta

7:00 AM

Calcium Response Technologies (CaRT): New Innovations in Milk Fever Prevention
Patrick Hoffman and Rod Martin, Dairy Science Solutions, LLC

8:15 AM


8:20 AM

Viewing a Role for Isoacids in Dairy Nutrition Through a New Lens
Dr. Jeff Firkins, The Ohio State University

9:05 AM

Taking the Stink Out of Branched Chain VFAs: Capturing Targeted Nutrient Feeding through Modeling
Dr. Andrew LaPierre, Cornell University

9:50 AM

NEAFA Update

Jenny Mills, NEAFA President

10:00 AM

Presentation of Maynard Award and Danny Fox Graduate Fellowship
Dr. Tom Overton, Cornell University, Department of Animal Science

10:10 AM


10:40 AM

Odd and Branched-Chain Fatty Acid Metabolism: Food Abundance and Human Physiology
Dr. Tom Brenna, University of Texas at Austin

11:20 AM

Potential of Antioxidants and Plant Polyphenols to Enhance Animal Health and Productivity
Dr. Frank Dunshea, University of Melbourne

12:00 PM


1:10 PM

The Epidemiology and Treatment of Subclinical Hypocalcemia
Dr. Claira Seely, Cornell University

1:50 PM

Vitamin D and Hypocalcemia in the Dairy Cow
Dr. Corwin Nelson, University of Florida

2:30 PM

Enriching Chicken with Bioactive Nutrients for Improving Human Nutrition and Health
Dr. Xingen Lei, Cornell University

3:10 PM

Tracing Methyl Group Utilization with Deuterium-labeled Choline in Pregnant and Lactating Dairy Cows
Dr. Joseph McFadden, Cornell University

3:30 PM


4:00 PM

Whole Farm Foot Printing and Scenario Analysis with the Ruminant Farm Systems Model
Dr. Kristan Reed, Cornell University

4:40 PM

Updates on Enteric Methane Mitigation and Monitoring at Cornell
Drs. Ananda Fontoura and Joe McFadden, Cornell University

5:00 PM


5:30 PM

Evening Reception

6:30 AM

Breakfast, sponsored by Papillon Agricultural Company

7:00 AM

Nutritional Mitigation of Heat Stress-Induced Leaky Gut: The Role of DCAD and Dietary Buffer
Dr. Greg Penner, University of Saskatchewan

8:15 AM


8:20 AM

Cornell University Graduate Student Research Spotlights

  • Liver Health Index - Tate Nelson
  • Milk Tells All: Should Calcium Dynamics Inform Nutrition and Management? – Jackson Seminara
  • Quantifying the Extent and Impact of Mixing Accuracy on Dairy Farms - Rebeca Villalobos
9:10 AM

Charlie Sniffen Graduate Research Presentation, sponsored by Kemin Animal Nutrition and Health

Effect of Metabolizable Protein Supply on Performance and Metabolic Indicators of Transition Cows

Trent Westhoff, Cornell University

9:50 AM


10:10 AM

Feeding Management in the AMS: Limits to Precision Feeding Approaches
Dr. Greg Penner, University of Saskatchewan

10:50 AM

Dairy Environmental Footprints: Marketing Data to Promote, Drive and Support Sustainability
Drs. Olivia Godber and Quirine Ketterings, Cornell University

11:30 AM

What We Have Learned from Cows: A Tale of Two Decades of Management Research at Miner
Dr. Rick Grant, Miner Institute

12:10 PM


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