Dale E. Bauman Lecture

The Dale E. Bauman Lecture was created in 2017 by the Faculty of the Department of Animal Science at Cornell University to recognize and honor the remarkable career accomplishments and outstanding contributions of Professor Emeritus Dale E. Bauman to animal biology, food science, and nutritional biochemistry. Initial endowment has been funded from gifts of individual faculty members to inaugurate this exciting lecture series, which aims to provide insightful and provocative information for faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate students across the Cornell University community.

Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Virtual Presentation

Guest of Honor

Dr. Dale E. Bauman is Liberty Hyde Bailey Professor Emeritus at Cornell University. Raised on a Michigan dairy farm, he received his undergraduate and graduate degrees at Michigan State University and the University of Illinois. Bauman's research focus has included lactation biology, regulation of metabolism and nutrient partitioning, production of animal-derived functional foods and environmental impact of animal production. Recently named as one of the “World’s Most Influential Scientific Minds”, he has coauthored more than 800 scientific articles. Bauman has received awards from several scientific and professional societies as well as the USDA Distinguished Service Award and the Alexander Von Humboldt Award for Agriculture Research. Elected to the National Academy of Sciences, Bauman has been member of several USDA Advisory Committees and served as President of American Society for Nutrition and Chairman of the National Academy of Sciences Board on Agriculture & Natural Resources.