Serving the public good

The Department of Animal Science’s extension and outreach program benefits New York’s animal industries through public education on the biology and management of domestic animals.

Many of our faculty and academic staff work through Cornell Cooperative Extension to provide information and guidance to the many farms and agricultural entities in the state.

We have active adult and youth extension programs in the areas of dairy, beef, sheep, goats, horses, and poultry. In addition, we support an active 4-H program that engages and empowers youth who are interested in animal-related projects, biology and production systems.

Reaching out to the wider world

Coupled with our research programs, our extension and outreach efforts help Animal Science faculty and staff teach practical education beyond the classroom. The aim of extension and outreach is to discover and develop new techniques, skills and information to benefit animals, agriculture and human health in an ever-changing world.

people sit around a table working on projects

Cornell animal science youth extension and NYS 4-H provide programs for youth interested in pet animals, as well as the traditional dairy and livestock species. Animal Science staff are responsible for independent programs such as Junior DAIRY LEADERS and Dairy Discovery, as well as state-wide 4-H programs including Animal Crackers, species-specific Quiz Bowl and Skillathon competitions, and the Youth animal shows at the New York State Fair.

data is displayed on phone with cows in background

Faculty are actively engaged in research and development of applications that leverage big data integration to improve animal production efficiency, lower environmental footprint, and enhanced animal health monitoring.

Cornell paper weight holding down a piece of paper

Community outreach endeavors include digital resources and publications, a Plants Poisonous to Livestock database and a principles of genetics resource.