New York Seed Improvement Project (NYSIP)

The New York Seed Improvement Project (NYSIP) operates within Cornell's Plant Breeding extension program and consists of two divisions:

Foundation Division

The goal of our Foundation Seed division is to amplify and disseminate foundation seed stocks developed by plant breeders at Cornell to growers in New York. The program takes newly released breeder seed and manages the increase of the variety, following all certification requirements, and facilitates the production of the seed at a scale required for entry into commercial production. NYSIP currently primarily works with The Cornell Small Grains Project (CSGP) on amplification of new oat, winter wheat, and barley varieties.

Certification Division

Certified seed is recognized in national and state legislation as seed meeting high standards for genetic purity and quality. Validating identity, health and consistency of seed is important and enables seed growers and companies to market, promote and sell seed that is genetically pure. NYSIP currently focuses primarily on small grain and seed potato certifications.

More information

Visit the New York Seed Improvement Project website for more information about foundation seed, certification and grower directories.