Association of Postdoctoral & Research Associates


Chair: Andrew Scheldorf


  • To create a supportive collegiate environment for postdoctoral and research associates across SIPS sections
  • To facilitate engagement among postdocs and research associates, students, staff and faculty.
  • To advocate for career development opportunities
  • To improve connectedness among the research network of SIPS, including Geneva, Ithaca and Cornell Extension campuses, and the wider Cornell community.


  • The association encourages participants from diverse backgrounds to participate in decision-making and in the development of the organization
  • SIPS-PA is organized and represented by a steering committee. Please contact the Chair or Vice-chair of the Steering Committee if you would like to join.
  • plant-postdocs-l-request [at] (subject: join) (Join our listserv by e-mailing this address) with the subject 'join.' The list-serv provides you with information about events, job posting and also a platform to reach the postdoc community with information you would like to share.


  • Monthly seminar
  • Opportunities to present research for feedback from peers
  • Social events
  • Faculty mentoring

Cornell Resources

Office of Postdoctoral Studies


Faculty Mentoring

Independent mentors have volunteered to offer support or advice to post docs and research associates outside of their labs on research and career objectives. Here, you can access to a list of faculty willing to serve as independent mentors, and find their contact information.

        • Individual faculty will decide on the level of advice to provide the postdoc, but ideas include:
        • Review of written work such as application packages/research & teaching statements/CVs
        • General discussion of career issues and goals
        • Feedback and practice discussing scientific interests outside of one’s own specialty
        • Facilitate contact with lab alums in industry/government/academia for further career information
        • Referral to other faculty mentors based on shared interests
        • Lailiang Cheng, lc89 [at] (lc89[at]cornell[dot]edu)
        • Bruce Reisch, bir1 [at] (bir1[at]cornell[dot]edu)
        • Lawrence Smart, lbs33 [at] (lbs33[at]cornell[dot]edu)
        • Maureen Hanson, mrh5 [at] (mrh5[at]cornell[dot]edu)
        • Jian Hua, jh299 [at] (jh299[at]cornell[dot]edu)
        • Adrienne Roeder, ahr75 [at] (ahr75[at]cornell[dot]edu)
        • Jocelyn Rose, jr286 [at] (jr286[at]cornell[dot]edu)
        • Michael Scanlon, mjs298 [at] (mjs298[at]cornell[dot]edu)
        • Olena Vatamaniuk, okv2 [at] (okv2[at]cornell[dot]edu)
        • Klaas van Wijk, kv35 [at] (kv35[at]cornell[dot]edu)
        • Edward Buckler, esb33 [at] (esb33[at]cornell[dot]edu)
        • Michael Gore, mag87 [at] (mag87[at]cornell[dot]edu)
        • Jean-Luc Jannink, jj332 [at] (jj332[at]cornell[dot]edu)
        • Rebecca Nelson, rjn7 [at] (rjn7[at]cornell[dot]edu)
        • Margaret Smith, mes25 [at] (mes25[at]cornell[dot]edu)
        • Mark E. Sorrells, mes12 [at] (mes12[at]cornell[dot]edu)
        • Adam Bogdanove, ajb7 [at] (ajb7[at]cornell[dot]edu)
        • Maria Harrison, mjh78 [at] (mjh78[at]cornell[dot]edu)
        • Gregory Martin, gbm7 [at] (gbm7[at]cornell[dot]edu)
        • Christine Smart, cds14 [at] (cds14[at]cornell[dot]edu)
        • Daniel Buckley, dhb28 [at] (dhb28[at]cornell[dot]edu)
        • Johannes Lehmann, cl273 [at] (cl273[at]cornell[dot]edu)
        • Harold van Es, hmv1 [at] (hmv1[at]cornell[dot]edu)
        • James Giovannoni, jjg33 [at] (jjg33[at]cornell[dot]edu)
        • Eric Richards, ejr77 [at] (ejr77[at]cornell[dot]edu)
        • Frank Schroeder, schroeder [at] (schroeder[at]cornell[dot]edu)

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