The Dairy Management program is designed for students, dairy farmers, agribusiness people and others who have a sincere interest in dairy farm management. Objectives are to gain further understanding of the integration and application of dairy farm management principles and programs with respect to progressive dairying and related industries.

Another feature of Dairy Management at Cornell is the degree to which extension and undergraduate teaching in dairy management are linked. This includes having extension faculty involved in teaching in the classroom. In addition, students are involved in farm visits and farm analysis exercises with both extension personnel and agri-service partners. The goal of this integration is to assist students in learning to integrate principles into practice. Learn more about Dairy Fellows.

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Conferences, Seminars, and Programs

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Advanced Dairy Nutrition Shortcourse

The Advanced Dairy Nutrition and Management Shortcourse is conducted in even calendar years at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY. This shortcourse is designed primarily for experienced nutritionists and allied industry professionals seeking a more in-depth exposure to selected topics of emerging and continued interest relating to dairy cattle nutrition and management. The course is conducted primarily in a classroom setting and provides substantial opportunities for attendees to network with each other and with course faculty in informal settings.

Advanced Dairy Nutrition Shortcourse

Cornell Nutrition Conference

The annual Cornell Nutrition Conference is designed to provide industry leading research and information to feed industry professionals and nutritional consultants. Emerging topics across the spectrum of animal nutrition are presented by industry leading academics and researchers. Join nearly 500 nutrition consultants, feed manufacturers, sales professionals, and university professionals at this premier industry event!

Cornell Nutrition Conference

Feed Dealers Seminars

The Feed Dealer Seminars are specifically targeted for nutritionists, veterinarians, crop and management consultants, extension educators, and dairy producers with specific interest in nutrition-oriented topics. They are designed to blend the latest concepts in feeding and other management aspects of dairies with field level application. They have been conducted annually as a road show with multiple sites in New York for many years with an additional Vermont location held during the past several years in collaboration with the Northeast Agribusiness and Feed Alliance.

Feed Dealers Seminars

Basic Dairy Nutrition Shortcourse

The Dairy Nutrition Shortcourse is conducted in odd calendar years at Miner Institute in Chazy, NY. This shortcourse is designed primarily for early career nutritionists and allied industry professionals seeking a more comprehensive foundation in the principles of dairy cattle nutrition and their application within dairy herd management. The course blends classroom-based instruction with practical skill development along with networking opportunities for attendees with each other and with course faculty in informal settings.

This program is also offered as an on-demand online course. 

Basic Dairy Nutrition Shortcourse Information

On-Demand Online Courses

Cornell Dairy Management and PRO-DAIRY offer online courses in an on-demand format that includes recorded video lectures and weekly quizzes. You may begin the course whenever you want and will have 6 months to complete it once enrolled.

Available courses:


Virtual Event Recordings

Recordings and electronic materials for the following virtual events are available. Registration is required and fees may apply.

  • 2020 Virtual Herd Health and Nutrition Conference ($75)
  • 2020 Virtual Advanced Dairy Nutrition Shortcourse ($250)
  • Northeast Dairy Management Webinar Series
  • 2020 Virtual Cornell Nutrition Conference ($100)
  • 2020 Feed Dealer Seminars
  • 2021 Operations Managers Conference Series ($100)
  • 2021 Virtual Herd Health and Nutrition Conference ($80)


Conference Proceedings

Electronic Format

Conference proceedings and various extension publications in PDF format can be accessed through the Cornell Library eCommons System. For best results, search by Issue Date within the selected collection.

Printed Format

Hard copies of limited conference proceedings are available for purchase.


Software and Tools

The Cornell Net Carbohydrate and Protein System (CNCPS) was developed to predict requirements, feed utilization, animal performance and nutrient excretion for dairy and beef cattle using accumulated knowledge about feed composition, digestion, and metabolism in supplying nutrients to meet requirements. The current version of the model (v 6.5.5) is designed to formulate for and evaluate multiple groups on a farm and to further evaluate nutrient excretion and efficiency of use of nutrients. Each new version contains changes that improve the accuracy of the CNCPS model and user friendliness of the computer software.

The RuFaS project aims to build an integrated, whole-farm model that simulates milk, meat, and crop production, and critical metrics of sustainability from ruminant farms using the highest standards for prediction accuracy, code structure and clarity, documentation, and accessibility. In doing so, the work will support research and sustainable decision-making in ruminant animal production through a state-of-art, open-source modeling environment.

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