Goat projects of many kinds are available to New York youth ages 5-19. Youth can choose to work on projects featuring dairy goats, meat goats, or fiber goats. They can also do working goat projects, learning how to drive or use goats as pack animals. Goats can be multi-use and fun for the whole family!  Printable record books are available for each specific goat project.

Depending on the project chosen, the time and facilities investment can vary. A meat goat project lasts one season, while a dairy goat or breeding project may last many years and require investment in appropriate year-round facilities for your goat. There are many resources below to help you choose the right project and type of goat for you and your family.

Youth can also participate in the 5 star goat program. This program allows youth to learn more about goats through challenging hands-on activities, such as making goat cheese, growing forages, and creating a website or Facebook page for a goat farm.

For more information on how to get started, contact your county CCE office.

Owning a goat is a serious commitment! They live about as long as a large dog. Please keep this in mind before embarking on a goat project.


Goat Project Areas

dairy goat face

Dairy goats are smaller than cows, but give enough milk for the family with two milkings a day. Dairy goats are very affectionate and make great companions!

men with goat

Goat meat is commonly eaten around the world, tasting similar to venison or beef. Meat goat projects can be a short term project and require less investment in housing than working or dairy goats.

boy driving goat

Working goats require regular exercise and training, but can be a great companion on hikes or helpful while doing chores. Fiber goats must be kept clean and shaved at least once a year. They will give soft, warm fiber that can be made into yarn for craft projects.

For more information

Contact tatiana Stanton at tls7 [at] cornell.edu (tls7[at]cornell[dot]edu).