There are many opportunities for New York youth from 5 to 19 to learn about dairy cattle and participate in dairy projects through 4-H and Cornell Cooperative Extension programs. While many of the youth engaged in dairy projects each year have grown up on or around dairy farms, everyone with an interest in learning more about dairy production is encouraged to participate in these programs. Youth have opportunities to raise and show calves and cattle, as well as work in teams to compete in Dairy Bowl and Dairy Challenge competitions. Youth leave the dairy programs with an understanding of the dairy and agriculture industries, advanced knowledge of biology, anatomy, and physiology, an understanding of nutrition and business skills, and life long friends and future colleagues. Youth should reach out to their local or county CCE and 4-H educators to get started.

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Do you have great memories of participating in 4-H, Junior Dairy Leaders, or showing your project cow at State Fair? Help us help the next generation of youth learn about the agriculture industry and educational opportunities, make connections with other like-minded youth from across New York State, and become the future leaders and spokespeople for the dairy industry! 

General Dairy Resources

Additional resources specific to preparing for the Dairy Judging, Dairy Challenge, and Dairy Quiz Bowl contests can be found on the contest pages listed above.

The 4-H Dairy “Skills for Life” series developed by the 4-H Cooperative Curriculum Series (4-HCCS) is part of there national 4-H reviewed and recommended resource collection. Series includes: “Dairy 1- Dig into Dairy”, “Dairy 2- Mooving Ahead”, “Dairy 3- Leading the Way”, and “Dairy Helpers Guide."

The Dairy Ohio State Learning Lab Kit includes posters, pictures, hands-on learning tools, lesson plans, and much more. These are available for 4-H Educators to borrow from Cornell or purchase directly from Ohio State.

Animal Health guidelines, recommendations and fact sheets for exhibitions with cattle, farm tours and judging tours. Fact sheet on good biosecurity practices on the farm and with dairy youth activities. Includes information and facts sheets on livestock diseases including swine, horse and cattle.

For more information

Contact Debbie Grusenmeyer at djc27 [at] cornell.edu (djc27[at]cornell[dot]edu).