Dairy Goats

The 4-H Dairy Goat Project is designed to help youth learn the care and management of a dairy animal while learning responsibility and other skills that will serve them in all areas of life.

The dairy goat is an ideal youth project animal as it requires less investment than a dairy cow and can be worked with safely by younger children. Youth should do research on the needs and care of a dairy goat, and discuss the idea with their parents and educators before committing to a dairy goat project. Dairy goats will need appropriate facilities to live in year round. A goat may seem like a fun idea in the summer, but they also need water and food on dark, snowy, cold winter mornings!

Youth have the opportunity to use their goat milk to make cheese, soap, and other products. In addition to animal care, they will learn the importance of food safety and good record keeping!

Youth ages 5 to 19 involved in dairy goat projects will learn all aspects of care and management, plus an understanding of biology, feed and nutrition, and dairy processing. They can showcase this knowledge through public presentations, goat quiz bowl, judging, fitting and showing, and dairy product identification.